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Service Discovery and Configuration Management

Service Discovery and Configuration Management

A talk given at Loadays, all about the need for two speeds of configuration - modelled and emergent. Includes an example of using Puppet along with Consul.

Gareth Rushgrove

April 11, 2015

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  1. Service discovery is a key component of most distributed systems

    and service oriented architectures. Gareth Rushgrove http://jasonwilder.com/blog/2014/02/04/service-discovery-in-the-cloud/
  2. The problem seems simple at first: How do clients determine

    the IP and port for a service that exist on multiple hosts? Gareth Rushgrove http://jasonwilder.com/blog/2014/02/04/service-discovery-in-the-cloud/
  3. Hadoop uses Zookeeper Socketplane uses Consul CoreOS uses etcd Cloud

    Foundry uses Consul Cloud Foundry also uses etcd Kubernetes uses etcd Gareth Rushgrove
  4. Configuration management tools tend to focus on upfront modelling, managing

    configuration we know and want to control over time Gareth Rushgrove
  5. For example the version of a package or application, user

    permissions, security settings, system constrains Gareth Rushgrove
  6. For example load balancer and proxy backends, network and firewall

    routes as applications come and go Gareth Rushgrove
  7. Wait, but I want to define some of my network

    configuration upfront Gareth Rushgrove
  8. Advantages Changes happen quickly, but without losing the ability to

    address configuration drift Gareth Rushgrove