Boosting Your Business with Social Media

F124f1c5d583ba962b22195575e0c0a8?s=47 Gary Bizzo
January 26, 2013

Boosting Your Business with Social Media

Using social media as the go to tool to make your business work


Gary Bizzo

January 26, 2013


  1. Speaker: Gary C. Bizzo CEO, Bizzo Management Group @GaryBizzo Welcome

    to our workshop!
  2. Social Media Networking and the Future of Marketing “Imagine not

    spending any money on Advertising looking for customers because they are finding you?” -Bizzo WD-e logo colour mid font HI RESJPG.JPG
  3. Typical Strategies to Market Flyers, Brochures, TV, Radio, Business cards,

    Postcards, Websites …and a lot of Money  Forrester Research released its five year forecast that estimates interactive marketing spending from 2009 – 2014. Forrester predicts that interactive marketing in the US will near $55 billion and represent 30% of all marketing spend by 2014 and will include search marketing, display advertising, email marketing, social media, and mobile marketing.
  4. Branding Replaces Traditional Marketing  Establish and Build your Reputation

     Generate New Ideas that comes from your Customers  Establish & Build Credibility  Increased Visibility  Build Strong Customer Loyalty  Us to Me – the Bizzo Brand
  5. Guerilla Marketing Dozens and dozens of Marketing Variants distilling down

    to one - Engagement Marketing: 2003- 22% trusted “people like me” 2009 -78% of people trust peer recommendations
  6. None
  7. Social Media Considerations - Cost - A FREE Voice for

    Everyone - Focus on Your Time Constraints - Your Goal - Building & Maintaining Relationships - Demographics and Psychographics - Sales Intelligence- push or pull - Define each Media in these terms
  8. Features:  Some numbers - 1 Trillion (URL) -2/3 bloggers

    are male - 75% College -2010 -240,000,000 - 1300 % - 500 Million -54% (%of people who post daily) -25% of searches go to blogs -34% post opinions of products/services  Personal –diary -Easier to make than a website -Easier to update and is dynamic -Share your expertise  Business-communication tool - Build your brand - Interaction with customers = new ideas - Build credibility - Customer loyalty
  9. Website

  10. Linkedin Professional Facebook Mexico

  11. FaceBook - Demographics -A personal insight - Concise business tool

    -Create groups
  12. BizBlog

  13. About Twitter:  “Do you think u can reach your

    customer with this method using only 140 characters to get your message out and sell your product or service”  - 85,000 -Immediate - Demographics (older adults) kids 12-17 account for 11% - Obama - Power - Michael Jackson - World numbers 5- 95M in 09
  14. Twitter

  15. Meet Twylah

  16. Meetup Setup or join a group in local area

  17. None
  18. YouTube Video based Susan Boyle

  19. MySpace  Video based -youth, young adults Video Based youth,

    young adults
  20. Ning

  21. TweetDeck Social Media Aggregator

  22. How people make good use of them?

  23. Downfalls Too much information Activity related A lot of Time

    involved Everyone sees your posts (the Chardonnay effect)
  24. Benefits  Customer feedback  New sales channel  Make

    your business personal  Don’t sell people get others to sell for you  Have fun that’s why its Social Media  Build relationships and you will build customers
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