[Juarez Filho] Firebase Adventures

[Juarez Filho] Firebase Adventures

Presentation from GDG DevFest Ukraine 2015 - the biggest Google related event in the country. October 23-24, Lviv. Learn more at http://devfest.gdg.org.ua/


Google Developers Group Lviv

October 23, 2015


  1. Realtime platform and more for your apps Firebase Adventures Juarez

    Filho @juarezpaf Front-end Engineer, madewithlove
  2. Juarez Filho I’m from Brazil & I live in this

    beautiful city
  3. http://google.com/+JuarezPAFilho GDG Maceio Organizer

  4. Juarez Filho I work remotely for @madewithlove Juarez Filho We

    work remotely at @madewithlove
  5. #dfua A powerful platform for your mobile or web application

    Build Extraordinary Apps
  6. #dfua Static Hosting BaaS Deploy your web app in seconds

    with Firebase production-grade static asset hosting Is a model for providing web and mobile app developer with a way to link their apps to backend cloud storage
  7. #dfua Realtime Database Data in a Firebase database is stored

    as JSON and synchronized in realtime to every connected client Mobile Offline Support
  8. #dfua User Authentication You can easily authenticate users from Android,

    iOS and JavaScript SDKs in just a few lines
  9. #dfua Custom Authentication Authenticate users using secure JSON Web Tokens

    ( JWTs ) Helper Libraries
  10. #dfua Static Hosting Deploy your web app in seconds with

    Firebase production-grade static asset hosting
  11. #dfua Fast Content One of the fastest CDN available

  12. #dfua Automatic SSL Every site is served over a secure

  13. #dfua

  14. #dfua Cross-platform Apps Build cross-platform native mobile & web apps

    with Firebase
  15. #dfua Web Android iOS version 2.4.0 version 2.4.1 version 2.3.1

  16. #dfua Android Platform Firebase provides FirebaseUI and examples to enable

    you to create native Android apps https://firebase.com/docs/android
  17. #dfua Fire Place Google Places API for Android and Firebase

  18. Building a chat application with FirebaseUI for Android https://goo.gl/XCE273 Frank

    van Puffelen @puf
  19. #dfua iOS Platform

  20. #dfua iOS Platform FirebaseUI, WatchKit and examples to enable you

    to create native iOS apps https://firebase.com/docs/ios
  21. WatchKit A comprehensive guide on how to build a Watch

    App with Firebase https://goo.gl/bzEx3o
  22. Firebase Tutorial: Getting Started http://goo.gl/B1K43P David East @_davideast

  23. #dfua Web Platform A variety of libraries & examples to

    enable you to create extraordinary Web apps https://firebase.com/docs/web
  24. #dfua Vulcan Interact with Firebase directly from DevTools https://github.com/firebase/vulcan

  25. Tackling Authentication with AngularFire https://youtu.be/EypyCWyQl04 Jacob Wenger @_jwngr

  26. React and Firebase with ReactFire https://goo.gl/UmCfrg Kent C. Dodds @kentcdodds

  27. Using Ember Data with Firebase https://goo.gl/ekOz4H Brent Schooley @brentschooley

  28. End to End with Polymer (Polymer Summit 2015) https://youtu.be/1f_Tj_JnStA Rob

    Dodson @rob_dodson
  29. Building Awesome Hybrid Apps with Firebase and Ionic https://youtu.be/90e0Ojjh3Ds Sara

    Robinson @srobtweets
  30. #dfua REST API Build cross-platform apps in minutes using any

    Firebase database as a REST endpoint
  31. #dfua Firebase Partnership With Zapier you can connect to &

    automate over 250 web apps with Firebase
  32. #dfua Connectivity to your Firebase app without writing a single

    line of code
  33. #dfua Firebase showcases Companies and Developers using Firebase ♥

  34. #dfua Success! “ Incredible first experience. I was able to

    get a completely custom, embedded chat client running in 30 mins. I really couldn’t image how this could be easier. Ryan Bubinski Founder, Codecademy
  35. – Alexandra K. Trenfor “The best teachers are those who

    show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see”
  36. Juarez Filho @juarezpaf Front-end Engineer, madewithlove Getting started with Firebase

    October 24, 10:10 - 12:30 Room 3 Let’s create amazing apps with Firebase http://devfest.gdg.org.ua/#!/schedule/121
  37. Thank you! Велике спасибі Juarez Filho @juarezpaf Front-End Engineer, madewithlove