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IO Extended 23 - Best of I/O Android announcement

IO Extended 23 - Best of I/O Android announcement

GDG Montreal

June 22, 2023

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  1. Multi-device • New emulator configuration for those devices in Android

    Studio Hedgehog • Start optimizing for large screen devices Large Screens
  2. • Better design for bigger screens https://material.io/blog/material-you-large-screens • How to

    optimize your Android app for large screens (And what NOT to do!) https://android-developers.googleblog.com/2023/05/optimizing-your-andr oid-app-for-large-screens.html • Google I/O video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JQjk3ZqPWc&ab_channel=AndroidDe velopers Supporting large screens ressource
  3. • New easier format for watch face Watch Face Format

    is a declarative XML format to configure the appearance and behavior of watch faces • Watch Face Studio Export watch face design into the new Watch Face Format Watch Face Wear OS
  4. • Version 1.2 of Jetpack Tiles Library ◦ Support for

    data bindings • Add Support for Animation ◦ You can use tween animations to create smooth transitions on changes to part of your layout, and transition animations can animate new or disappearing elements from the tile. Watch Tile Wear OS
  5. An on-device data store that provides APIs for storing and

    sharing health and fitness data between Android apps. • Reduce API complexity • Standardize data schema • Centralized privacy controls Learn more Health Connect Health
  6. Why? • Less code • Intuitive • Accelerate development •

    Powerful & flexible New Material components for TV Learn more Compose for TV Android TV TvLazyColumn { items(contentList) { content -> TvLazyRow { items(content) { cardItem -> Card(cardItem) } } }
  7. • You can now customize your listing for inactive users

    • New Store listing groups ◦ You can design for different audiences by creating a base listing Store listing enhancements Google Play
  8. *Need to draft a store listing in English* Google play

    will offer an AI helper where you need to enter a couple of prompts: • Audience • Key theme The AI helper will then generate a draft of listing that you can edit. AI helper in Google Play Store Google Play
  9. Starting with an experiment in English, and expanding later this

    year • Show up alongside the app in search results • Shows a rough count of how many reviewers have given a particular opinion Review summaries by AI Google Play
  10. Android Studio Hedgehog introduces: an AI-powered conversational experience What can

    it do? • Explain error • Provide code snippet • Complete code • Create previews for Compose Studio bot Tooling
  11. For now it’s free and only available in the US

    - Show studio bot via : View -> Tool Windows -> Studio Bot - Open a VPN to a server in USA - Login - Read documentation : https://developer.android.com/studio/prev iew/studio-bot Enable studio Bot Studio Bot
  12. Android Studio Giraffe introduces: support for new animation types and

    add non-bool values picker Animation Preview Tooling
  13. Android Studio Hedgehog New Profiler which shows power consumption on

    physical devices, segmented by each sub-system (such as: Camera, GPS, and more Power Profiler Tooling
  14. Android Studio Hedgehog adds: Android Vitals (number of occurrence and

    user affected) for crashes or ANR. It’s faster to navigate to code that causes crash and know how many users are affected. App Quality Tooling
  15. Android Studio Hedgehog adds: Recomposition state in the debugger so

    it’s easier to understand the cause of recomposition Performance Tooling
  16. New API The face mesh detection API generates a face

    mesh for detected faces, each containing 468 3D points and edges. • Recognize and locate faces • Get face mesh information • Process video frames in real time Face mesh detection ML Kit
  17. Showing a toast when an app detect that users are

    taking a screenshot. Similar to the clipboard toast Screenshots detection Privacy
  18. The location permission popup not display whether an app is

    sharing location with third parties Location sharing Privacy
  19. We can now grant partial access to photos and videos

    to apps. This is in addition to the Photo picker that was introduced last year and available to Android 4.4+ Partial access Privacy
  20. Gives you an animated peek at where you're about to

    go next to help you decide on continuing or staying with the current view. Predicted Back Gesture Android 14