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What's new in Android by Nav Singh

What's new in Android by Nav Singh

Dive into the new things that Android 13 brings us

Features: Predictive back gesture, Photo picker, Per-app language preferences.
Behavioral changes: Notification permission, Foreground services task manager, Granular media permissions, Intent filters block non-matching intents, Battery Resource Utilization, Clipboard preview, etc.Tools & IDE updates: Revamped LogCat, LiveEdit, Device mirroring, Preview annotation for multiple previews, Firebase Crashlytics integration, Accessibility scanner integration within IDE.

See the presentation : https://youtu.be/p983TPxEC8k

GDG Montreal

June 22, 2022

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  1. Nav Singh @navczydev What’s new in Android

  2. Agenda

  3. It’s time to update… targetSdk 33 compileSdk 33

  4. Almost there...

  5. • Runtime Notification permission • Exact alarm permission • Granular

    media permissions • Runtime permission for nearby wifi devices • Foreground Services task manager • Intent filters • Clipboard sensitive data protection Android 13 Behavioral changes
  6. Android 13 New features • Per app language preferences •

    Photo picker • Predictive back gesture • Clipboard preview • Tile API • Themed Icons • Bluetooth LE Audio • Support for MIDI 2.0 standard • Faster hyphenation

  8. Developer downgradable permissions • Remove unused permissions revokeSelfPermissionOnKill() revokeSelfPermisisonsOnKill() •

    To revoke all permissions from the system, all processes associated with the app must be killed.
  9. Safer exporting of context-registered receivers • We can set the

    broadcast receiver to be exported or not • RECEIVER_EXPORTED • RECEIVER_NOT_EXPORTED
  10. Photo picker tool • Intent action: MediaStore.ACTION_PICK_IMAGES • Type: image

    or video • Default limit: 1 • Extra: MediaStore.EXTRA_PICK_IMAGES_MAX
  11. Photo picker tool

  12. Clipboard enhancements • Non-sensitive content • Sensitive content

  13. Clipboard enhancements

  14. Quick settings placement API

  15. Intent filters • The intent will only be delivered if

    it matches the intent filters defined by the exported component. • If receiving app upgrades to >=13, all intents from external apps are delivered to an exported component only if it matches its declared <intent-filter> elements, regardless of the sending app's target SDK version.
  16. Intent filters

  17. Intent filters

  18. Per App language - System settings • Specify the supported

    languages in a resource file
  19. Per App language - System settings • In the manifest

    application tag, add the property android:localeConfig
  20. Per App language - System settings

  21. Per App language - In-app language picker • Specify the

    supported languages in a resource file
  22. Predictive back gesture • It is possible to preview a

    back gesture's destination or result before completing it.
  23. Foreground service task manager

  24. Media controls - UX

  25. Themed app icons

  26. Themed app icons

  27. • Accessibility scanner • ADB over Wifi • Animation preview

    • Device manager/picker • Google play sdk index • App quality insights Tools & IDE improvements • Revamped Logcat • Live Edit • Multi Preview annotations • Recomposition count • Device mirroring • Visual linting • Resizeable Emulator • Emulated Bluetooth
  28. • https://proandroiddev.com/notification-runtime-permission-android13-19 0c796254d5 • https://proandroiddev.com/photopicker-compose-android-13-5fd834927 0e0 • https://developer.android.com/about/versions/13/ • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TLxH_G-PcM

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXqwRhjd7b4&t=466s&ab_channel=A ndroidDevelopers References
  29. Thank You!