Build your own web framework in Elixir

Build your own web framework in Elixir

Do you use Phoenix, but you don’t know how it works underneath the hood? Do you have a nagging feeling that you should know more about the ins and outs of processing a web request and turning it into a rendered page?

Good, then this talk is for you!

Understanding how a web framework turns a request into a rendered page is an important aspect of building web applications. And what better way to learn the fundamentals of how a web framework works than to build one in Elixir? So join me as we build a web framework in Elixir complete with a router, controllers, and templates. We’ll take a look at how Plug has already done most of the work for us and at how we can leverage such a powerful abstraction to extend what it gives us. We’ll even look at how to make our templates render blazingly fast by compiling them into functions.

You may not be ready to bet your business on this new framework, but by the end of the talk, you’ll certainly be better equipped to understand what Phoenix is doing underneath macros and to extend it with new functionality. And hey, if you really want to create a new framework, you’ll get a solid start.


German Velasco

March 02, 2018