Browser Versions Are Dead (v5)

Browser Versions Are Dead (v5)

As a web developer you're surely familiar with the "IE6 Must Die" mentality of blaming old browsers (and their users) for what's holding back our industry.

But are they really to blame? Maybe not. I think what's mostly to blame is a series of lies about how browsers and sites and users interact, that we've now come to believe. We need to take a step back and rethink how we approach browsers and versions and how we develop sites/applications for them.

It's time to admit our obsession with browser versions so we can move past it. It's time we stop looking 10 years in the rear-view mirror. It's time to admit that we ourselves hold some blame for holding back our industry. It's time we start to retrain our bosses, clients, and marketing/sales departments on how our web platform really works.

When we do, we'll fully unleash our potential on the latest and greatest our platform can deliver!


Kyle Simpson

May 29, 2013


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    “I don’t have all the right answers, but at least

    I’m asking the right questions”
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    lie: “it has to look, feel, and behave the SAME

    in all browsers and versions”
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    embrace browser differences feature detection “supports ____” user choice “oh

    well” degradation regressive fallbacks progressive enhancement “reactive” design