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Browser Versions Are Dead (v5)

Browser Versions Are Dead (v5)

As a web developer you're surely familiar with the "IE6 Must Die" mentality of blaming old browsers (and their users) for what's holding back our industry.

But are they really to blame? Maybe not. I think what's mostly to blame is a series of lies about how browsers and sites and users interact, that we've now come to believe. We need to take a step back and rethink how we approach browsers and versions and how we develop sites/applications for them.

It's time to admit our obsession with browser versions so we can move past it. It's time we stop looking 10 years in the rear-view mirror. It's time to admit that we ourselves hold some blame for holding back our industry. It's time we start to retrain our bosses, clients, and marketing/sales departments on how our web platform really works.

When we do, we'll fully unleash our potential on the latest and greatest our platform can deliver!


Kyle Simpson

May 29, 2013


  1. browser versions are dead kyle simpson @getify

  2. “I don’t have all the right answers, but at least

    I’m asking the right questions”
  3. “joe”

  4. obsession the first step to recovery is admitting you have

    a problem.
  5. browser versions obsession?

  6. browser “diversity” 27 21 12 6 10

  7. browser “diversity” 27 21 6 10

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  10. crazy town

  11. browser “diversity” raging hellish nightmare

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  13. Therapy Session

  14. lies, damned lies, and statistics

  15. lie: “browser versions (still) matter”

  16. arbitrary marketing labels

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  18. truth: features matter

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  21. analytics bloggers marketing depts

  22. whoa

  23. lie: “it has to look, feel, and behave the SAME

    in all browsers and versions”
  24. truth: browsers are different ON PURPOSE

  25. bosses clients sales depts

  26. sweet jump, man

  27. Tale of 3 buttons

  28. table for 2?

  29. ruh roh

  30. excuses, excuses

  31. excuse: “IE6 sucks”

  32. blame the browser

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  34. None
  35. even IE9 is holding us back?

  36. the enemy of the future is obsessing about the past

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  38. bad news, bro

  39. excuse: “users suck”

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  41. None
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  43. dude...umm...

  44. excuse: “it just takes so much time and effort to

    make IE6 work...”
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  46. hackey hack

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  49. hackey hack

  50. what about “cool features”?

  51. corners

  52. gradients

  53. drop-down menus

  54. file uploading

  55. video

  56. learn your craft

  57. get over it

  58. didn’t see that coming

  59. excuse: “web technology isn’t...ready”

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  63. “joe” faceplant

  64. out of excuses?

  65. let’s fix it

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  67. embrace browser differences feature detection “supports ____” user choice “oh

    well” degradation regressive fallbacks progressive enhancement “reactive” design
  68. small skirmishes

  69. bosses retrain

  70. bosses retrain TCO

  71. clients retrain

  72. clients retrain my bill

  73. marketing & sales retrain

  74. retrain upsell marketing & sales

  75. open web platform browser diversity FTW

  76. Disclaimer: only one biker was harmed in the making of

    these slides.