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Introduction to Bower

Introduction to Bower

A very quick and cheerful introduction to Bower for the local JS meetup group

Gilles Ruppert

November 15, 2013

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  1. What is Bower? • package manager for the web •

    targets front-end • unopionated • cli and programmatic interfaces • no shared dependencies • flat dependency tree
  2. Old days (install libraries) • go to http://www.jquery.com • download

    latest version • copy lib folder • do the same for other libs
  3. Old days (update lib) • go to http://jquery.com • check

    whether there is a newer version • download • move to correct folder and overwrite previous lib • if broken, find old version and use that
  4. The bower way (install) • bower search query (if you

    don’t know what the package is called) • bower install jquery
  5. The bower way (update) • bower update • if it

    breaks, bower install package#version
  6. starting a project • bower init • same as npm

    init • creates a bower.json file
  7. finding & installing • bower search jquery • bower install

    jquery • bower install --save jquery • bower install --save-dev expect
  8. useful commands • bower uninstall package_name • bower list •

    bower search package_name • bower home package_name • bower prune • bower update
  9. assume this • write project • write separate package (i.e.

    mini lib?) • use 2nd package as part of 1st • 2nd package changes
  10. –you “F***! Do I really have to push a new

    version each time I do a change?!?!? I will go back to my monolith!”
  11. .bowerrc • directory • cwd • custom registry • etc

    • (https://docs.google.com/document/d/ 1APq7oA9tNao1UYWyOm8dKqlRP2blVkROYLZ2fL IjtWc/edit#heading=h.4pzytc1f9j8k)