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Como monitorar os erros da sua aplicação com o Sentry

Como monitorar os erros da sua aplicação com o Sentry

Palestra no FLISOL-DF 2018 sobre a ferramenta Sentry e como pode auxiliar o time de desenvolvimento a capturar erros para uma correção eficiente.

Demo: https://github.com/gilsondev/sentry-demo


Gilson Filho

April 25, 2018


  1. Crash reporting with Sentry

  2. Gilson Filho • Web Developer • IFRN Developer (ENAP) ◦

    SUAP • Scraping and Data Mining • Opensource Enthusiast ◦ Meu Candidato ◦ Procult (SECULT-DF) • GruPy-DF 2 Email: me@gilsondev.in Phone: (61) 9 8334-2344 Telegram: @gilsondev
  3. A release isn’t the end… 3 Errors are your first

    chance to iterate. If bugs make it to production, jump into action before your users even notice a problem. Your customers (and your workflow) will thank you.
  4. What is Sentry? 4

  5. “ Sentry fundamentally is a service that helps you monitor

    and fix crashes in realtime. 5
  6. “ The server is in Python, but it contains a

    full API for sending events from any language, in any application. 6
  7. What is Sentry? ▷ Open source (BSD License) ▷ Self

    hosted and cloud (sentry.io) ▷ Clients for any languages (SDKs) ▷ Integrations for any platforms 7
  8. Like stack traces, but more and better 8 Source code

    Sentry shows your source code right in the stacktrace, so you don’t need to find it yourself.
  9. Like stack traces, but more and better 9 Error filters

    In noisy traces, you can filter to see just your application errors, include framework errors, or show the raw trace.
  10. Like stack traces, but more and better 10 Sensitive data

    scrubbing We automatically scrub things that look like credit cards, or contain things like password, secret, or api_key. You can also specify custom values to scrub and filter data on the client side before it gets sent to us.
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  13. Cases 13

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  22. Configuration 22

  23. Create a Project Choose your language or framework and define

    a project name to receive all errors of application 23
  24. Choose your SDK Sentry captures data by using an SDK

    within your application’s runtime. These are platform specific, and allow Sentry to have a deep understanding of both how your application works. 24
  25. Use the DSN of Project With project created, use the

    Data Source Name and configure your application to SDK send errors data (backend and/or frontend) 25
  26. Recap Configure Define the DSN generated on the settings of

    your project Create Project Define new project on the Sentry, if not exists Install SDK Use the SDK of your language and follow the documentation 26
  27. Demo 27 https://github.com/gilsondev/sentry-demo

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  29. Documentation 29 https://docs.sentry.io

  30. Blog: df.python.org.br Telegram: @grupydf Meetup: meetup.com/pt-BR/pythondf

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  32. 32 Slides bit.ly/sentry-flisoldf2018 bit.ly/speakerdeck-sentry-flisoldf2018

  33. Thanks! Any questions? Email: me@gilsondev.in Phone: (61) 9 8334-2344 Telegram:

    @gilsondev 33