Overview of Google Cloud Platform

Overview of Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform offers various solutions for your compute, storage or machine learning needs. In this presentation, Guillaume Laforge explains those many options, how to best choose which one suits best your needs, and gives some demonstrations along the way.


Guillaume Laforge

October 23, 2018


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    To organize the world’s information, Google has been building the

    most powerful infrastructure on the planet.
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    Oregon 3 Iowa 4 N Virginia 3 Los Angeles 3

    Finland 3 Belgium 3 S Carolina 3 Montreal 3 Frankfurt 3 London 3 São Paulo 3 Tokyo 3 Taiwan 3 Singapore 2 Future region and number of zones Current region and number of zones Sydney 3 Google Cloud Platform Regions Hong Kong 3 Mumbai 3 Netherlands 2 Osaka 3
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    Unity (US, JP) 2010 Monet (US, BR) 2017 Tannat (BR,

    UY, AR) 2017 Junior (Rio, Santos) 2017 FASTER (US, JP, TW) 2016 PLCN (HK, LA) 2019 Indigo (SG, ID, AU) 2019 SJC (JP, HK, SG) 2013 Edge node locations >1000 Edge points of presence >100 Network Network sea cable investments Google Cloud Network
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    The Network Matters Typical Cloud Provider Cloud Provider User Google

    Cloud Google Cloud Google Pop ISP User Google Pop
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    15 The Products logos contained in this icon library may

    be used freely and without permission to accurately reference Google's technology and tools, for instance in books or architecture diagrams. Google Cloud Platform Compute Container Builder Big Data BigQuery Cloud Dataflow Cloud Dataproc Cloud Datalab Cloud Pub/Sub Genomics Storage & Databases Cloud Storage Cloud Bigtable Cloud Datastore Cloud SQL Cloud Spanner Persistent Disk Machine Learning Cloud Machine Learning Cloud Vision API Cloud Speech API Cloud Natural Language API Cloud Translation API Cloud Jobs API Data Studio Cloud Dataprep Cloud Video Intelligence API Internet of Things Cloud IoT Core Advanced Solutions Lab Compute Engine App Engine Container Engine GPU Cloud Functions Container- Optimized OS Identity & Security Cloud IAM Cloud Resource Manager Cloud Security Scanner Key Management Service BeyondCorp Data Loss Prevention API Identity-Aware Proxy Security Key Enforcement
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    16 The Products logos contained in this icon library may

    be used freely and without permission to accurately reference Google's technology and tools, for instance in books or architecture diagrams. Google Cloud Platform Developer Tools Cloud SDK Cloud Deployment Manager Cloud Source Repositories Cloud Tools for Android Studio Cloud Tools for IntelliJ Cloud Tools for PowerShell Cloud Tools for Visual Studio Container Registry Google Plug-in for Eclipse GCP products and services without a unique icon have a generic hexagon. Cloud Test Lab Networking Virtual Private Cloud Cloud Load Balancing Cloud CDN Cloud Interconnect Cloud DNS Cloud Network Cloud External IP Addresses Cloud Firewall Rules Cloud Routes Cloud VPN Management Tools Stackdriver Monitoring Logging Error Reporting Trace Debugger Cloud Deployment Manager Cloud Endpoints Cloud Console Cloud Shell Cloud Mobile App Cloud Billing API Cloud APIs Cloud Router Cloud Partner Interconnect
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    Highly customisable Highly managed Compute Engine App Engine Cloud Functions

    Cloud Launcher Container Builder Container Registry Kubernetes Engine
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    Choosing the right compute option mobile events special needs containers Kubernetes
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    @glaforge Demo: Sharing pictures Event-driven logic Data storage User facing

    Frontend Web + API Admin app Picture files Picture metadata & most frequent tags Vision API annotations: Labels, color, filtering Via Pub/sub Compute most popular tags pic-a-daily.appspot.com
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    Where do I store my data? Cloud Memorystore In Memory

    Good for: Web/mobile apps, gaming Such as: Game state, user sessions Cloud SQL Relational Good for: Web frameworks Such as: CMS, eCommerce Cloud Spanner Good for: RDBMS+scale, HA, HTAP Such as: User metadata, Ad/Fin/MarTech Cloud Datastore NoSQL Good for: Hierarchical, mobile, web Such as: User profiles, key/val data Cloud Bigtable Good for: Heavy read + write, events Such as: AdTech, Financial, IoT Cloud Storage Object Good for: Binary or obj data (BLOB) Such as: Images, media, archive, backup Block Persistent Disk (GCE) Good for: Local VM file storage Such as: App data & binaries Big Query Warehouse Good for: Data Warehouse Such as: Analytics, dashboards
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    Choosing the right storage option structured mobile analytics relational serverless

    mobile low latency NO NO YES YES YES NO NO NO NO YES YES YES YES NO
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    33 AI Infrastructure Cloud GPUs Cloud TPUs Compute Engine Networking

    Cloud Storage Platform, Libraries, Tools DataLab Cloud ML Engine BigQuery AI Building Blocks Vision Video Intelligence Speech Natural Language Translation AI Platform
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