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Charles Schwab Challenge 2021 Case Study

Charles Schwab Challenge 2021 Case Study

Golf activation. This deck provides a summary of our fan experience in 2021 for the title sponsor. Performance Center + merchandise + simulators + PGA Pros + GOLFTEC Technology + Ben Hogan



July 22, 2021



  2. The Colonial Country Club Charles Schwab The Ben Hogan Foundation

    PGA TOUR Titleist & GOLFTEC & Foresight Sports & PGA Professionals INTRO
  3. None
  4. 4 The Five Relatable We developed exciting golf activities that

    both highlighted Ben Hogan’s Five Fundamentals of golf and emphasized the Five Modern Fundamentals of Investing for Charles Schwab.
  5. Interactive Elements Let them play! 18th Tee Ben Hogan Museum

    13th Hole Wedge Zone Putting
  6. 13th Hole

  7. “ — MASA HASEGAWA Thank you to the entire GOLFTEC

    team for putting together such an interactive event! Really enjoyed it!
  8. Lead Generation  Custom data collected on all participants 

    Content created in the form of WebLessons to keep participants engaged long after the event 18TH Tee
  9. 18th Tee

  10. Post-event engagement lives at www.schwabgolf.com where participants learn more about

    Schwab golf promotions and convert into new clients. Content
  11. “ — Roberta Denenberg Thank you very much for your

    thorough, personalized and helpful analysis of my golf swing and recommended drills. I really appreciate it and look forward to practicing what I learned from you!
  12. Local & Authentic Ben Hogan Integrating a trusted ambassador and

    local elements added to the authenticity of the activation.
  13. Mr. Hogan

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  15. article — Derek Benbow, Charles Schwab

  16. Compete Like The Pros 13th Hole  Simulated holes from

    the golf course gave fans the opportunity to play like the pros.  We brought a wide-selection of Titleist irons to accommodate all players.
  17. 13th HOLE

  18. Solving The Mystery Wedge Zone Most amateur players are fascinated

    with how the best players in the world stop the ball…we taught them how!
  19. 13th HOLE WEDGE ZONE

  20. EDUCATIONAL Putting Lessons  More valuable content created  Helped

    people play better golf

  22. GOLFTEC has 200+ locations throughout the world. Reach


  24. Data Traffic into The Performance Center Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

  25. Mutually Beneficial By partnering with the Fan Shop we were

    able to drive traffic to one another. Record merchandise sales resulted despite fewer fans on the premises due to COVID-19. Win Win
  26. None
  27. — Michael Tothe, Charles Schwab Challenge Tournament Director

  28. Make it cup deep with personalized content that remains relevant

    for a long time. Former Champions, the golf course, how you established your company…let’s tell your story and create a customer engagement strategy that results in more brand fans. The fans are onsite to enjoy their day, and we cater to that with a fun, friendly, and educational experience. CREATE INTEREST
  29. Technology GOLFTEC

  30. • “The Five” Featuring Ben Hogan’s Five Fundamentals. Ben Hogan

    was a five-time winner of The Colonial and you can find more information here. He also lived in Fort Worth Texas. This message was connected to The Five Fundamentals of Modern Investing. • The 18th Tee The first two bays on the left when guests entered our tent was the 18th Tee Experience. Guests hit the latest Titleist drivers from the 18th Tee of Colonial in our simulator. Our team built a driver for guests while they were in the queue specific to their specs. While they hit one of their shots, we CAPTURED/RECORDED their swing in our software to receive a lesson following the event from one of our PGA Professionals. Each lesson was delivered as a WebLesson and retrieved at www.schwabgolf.com. Our Brand Ambassadors will register guests in our Data Collection system as they enter the tent and direct them into the 18th Tee. Our goal was to get 100% of people to go through this portion of the experience. Guests received two (2) Titleist Pro V1 Golf balls that they picked up in the Ben Hogan museum at our counter which was managed by one of our Brand Ambassadors. • Ben Hogan Museum We displayed some of Ben Hogan’s equipment showcasing how much of an innovator he was. A little more on Ben Hogan and his five fundamentals. Our information counter located in the museum is where guests were directed to pick up their golf balls. This counter was staffed with Brand Ambassador who passed out balls. • 13th Hole Challenge Closest-to-the-Pin Contest on the 13th Hole at Colonial. Guests were able to select one of the latest Titleist irons and hit two (2) shots in the contest. We had a custom built Leaderboard and daily prizes were awarded to winners. We ONLY collected information from guests who were on the Leaderboard. (Name, Email, Phone) so we could contact them if they won. Information was collected in our Leaderboard Tablet also controlled the display screen of the Leaderboard. • Wedge Zone Featuring Titleist Vokey Wedges, The simulator was setup on the 9th hole. Our Coaches engaged with guests to discuss technique and equipment (bounce, loft, grind). Coaches also taught students how to hit shots with spin like the pros. • Putting Contest In our putting lanes. Participants were able to hit one (1) putt with one of Ben Hogan’s actual putters. We had four to choose from. Participants who made their putt received a commemorative medallion. • Putting Lessons In the putting lanes. Our Coaches used TECSWING GO and provided 5-10 minute putting lessons for guests. These were recorded as WebLessons and retrieved at www.schwabgolf.com Summary
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  33. — Robert Stennett, CEO, Ben Hogan Foundation

  34. Entertain A fun experience inclusive to everyone. Inspire Provide game

    improvement advice that creates a powerful and lasting connection. Create Keep fans engaged long after each event has concluded through personalized post- event content.
  35. Thank You. events@golftec.com | 844-383-6877 | golftecevents.com