ZOMG OSINT Heaven - What?! No Magic Button?!?!

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October 12, 2015

ZOMG OSINT Heaven - What?! No Magic Button?!?!

This talk expands significantly on the BSLV presentation (also posted to speakerdeck) and focuses on OSINT techniques and walks throgh taking bytes from data to threat intel. It discusses what OSINT is NOT, what OSINT is, and walk through a case study showing various brute force (manual) OSINT techniques. This talk also discusses business decisions, requirements, data gathering techniques and the progression from data to actionable intelligence. Both managers and analysts should attend the talk on 24 Oct 2015 at ToorCon SanDiego.



October 12, 2015


  1. { ZOMG It’s OSINT Heaven WHAT?! No Magic Button ?!?!

  2. ❧ Intro ❧ Acknowledgements ❧ Before OSINT ❧ OSINT ❧

    What OSINT is Not ❧ What OSINT is ❧ The Multiplier - OSINTernet ❧ Case Study (w/ OSINT Techniques) ❧ Summary/Questions Overview
  3. ❧ Tazz ❧ Not representing any employer ❧ Love, Fight

    & Play Hard ❧ Not politically correct ❧ Twitter: @GRC_Ninja ❧ Blog: https://www.osint.fail Intro
  4. Acknowledgements Thank you for your support, encouragement and contributions to

    the OSINT/Threat Intel Community @achillean (John Matherly) @spridel11 (Justin Brown) @iiamit (Ian Amit) @alexhutton (Alex Hutton) @IntelTechniques (Michael Bazzell) https://inteltechniques.com/intel/links.html
  5. This Talk ❧ Why: ❧ Because someone said “we don’t

    need threat intel here.” and took it off the org chart ❧ Because your employees are always doing something stupid on the Internet ❧ Because somebody is targeting you ❧ What: ❧ Brute Force OSINT - no automation ❧ Intel Analysts ❧ Technique =! Instinct
  6. UserID Hobbies Official Data Social Media Photos Job/Family A Life:

    it’s really this easy…
  7. {OPSEC FAIL = OSINT HEAVEN Open Source Intelligence

  8. Before you OSINT know... We’re Hunters: You (MGMT) must tell

    us what to go kill ❧ Threat Model $Type-Centric ❧ Software, Asset-Risk, Attacker ❧ Threat Modeling =! Risk Analysis ❧ Control Mapping ❧ What do you want to collect/know ❧ How/Where are you going to to collect it ❧ Define intel data characteristics/parameters ❧ currentness / staleness ❧ uniqueness / progressiveness ❧ reliability - Have you even defined a scoring methodology?
  9. ❧ …Doxing or Stalking someone ❧ …Open Source INTernet (that’s

    just noise) ❧ …Finding the Boogeyman on the Dark Web ❧ …Conducted with a Magic Button ❧ …Something that requires expensive tools ❧ …Something only the Gov’t does ❧ …Something done in 45min - this isn’t Mr. Robot OSINT is NOT…
  10. ❧ Open Source = “free” open data, not JUST websites

    ❧ INTelligence = contextualized & actionable ❧ Finding THE demons keeping C-levels awake at night ❧ Both pre-emptive & reactive ❧ Can be part of counter-intelligence ❧ Something that benefits from investment in tools ❧ Something your enemy is already doing ❧ Something that requires “room to explore” ❧ Methodical on paper and abstract in execution OSINT is …
  11. ❧ Don’t break the law ❧ If you are breaking

    the law STFU about what you do – nobody is going to jail for you ❧ Be Safe – Don’t be a Hero ❧ Capture it the FIRST visit ❧ READ THE FINE PRINT ❧ Immediately involve legal department and/or authorities if you’ve found something criminal WARNINGS & DISCLAIMERS
  12. The Multiplier – “OSINTernet”

  13. The Multiplier – “OSINTernet”

  14. { Case Study From UserID & 1 post - to

    Full Profile
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  30. From User ID to Full Profile

  31. Now What? Is this Data? - YES Is this Intel?

    - YES Is this Threat Intel? - MAYBE Is this Actionable Intel? - PROBABLY NOT Will this cause a change in behavior (to reduce risk)?
  32. The Bigger Picture Move from Intel to Threat Intel -

    Integrate & Analyze ❧ Intersections with other profiles or data points? ❧ What role does he play? ❧ What kind of threat does he pose, if any? ❧ Monitor the actor, continue to buildout the profile Develop Actionable Intel through continuous intel integration and analysis.
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  34. Actionable OSINT: Not So Easy UserID Hobbies Official Data Social

    Media Photos Job/Family Data Intelligence Threat Intelligence Actionable Intelligence
  35. None
  36. ❧ Have your Threat Model and Framework defined ❧ Clearly

    define OSINT objectives and requirements ❧ Capture it the FIRST visit ❧ You can teach technique you can’t teach instinct ❧ Encourage exploration ❧ Pull one thread at a time - keep pulling ❧ If it won’t change behavior, it isn’t ACTIONABLE OSINT / INTEL Summary / Questions UserID Hobbies Official Data Social Media Job Family Photos Data Intelligence Threat Intelligence Actionable Intelligence