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Library Innovation Workshop

Library Innovation Workshop

Workshop delivered at the Lake Superior Library Symposium 2016, May 19, 2016.

Jason Griffey

May 20, 2016

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  1. NOW & FUTURE GRIFFEY Library Innovation Jason Griffey Fellow Berkman

    Center for Internet & Society Harvard University
  2. INNOVATI ON I N LI BRARIE S GRIFFEY the application

    of better solutions that meet new requirements or unarticulated needs Maryville, S (1992). "Entrepreneurship in the Business Curriculum". Journal of Education for Business. Vol. 68 No. 1, pp. 27-31.
  3. “Individuals in an institution will rise to the level of

    their own incompetence.” - The Peter Principle
  4. Transformation “Library innovation will transform the individual and collective institutions,

    but more importantly, it also will transform communities.”
 —Libraries in the Exponential Age ASPEN
  5. Edges “The organizational culture of libraries (as is true for

    most companies and movements) enables true innovation to occur only on the edge of the organization where staffs are less encumbered by expectations of maintaining prescribed pathways. The challenge for libraries is to shatter the organizational paradigm…” ASPEN
  6. Rules • No names • At whatever level you think

    is important • You must use some shapes: circles, squares, triangles, something • Work alone on this part, especially if you are from same library
  7. Structure • Who thinks they have a completely typical library

    structure? • Who thinks they work somewhere with a really strange structure? • Compare structures with someone else at your table…what are the commonalities and the differences? • Now: put your sketches face down…we’ll come back to them in a few minutes.
  8. Rules • Work together • No names • At whatever

    level you think is important • What would a Library look like if the structure reflected what we wanted to be true?
  9. Debrief • What is the biggest change you made in

    your imagined vs real structure? • What are the barriers to making that happen IRL? • Let’s compare structures across tables….
  10. INNOVATI ON LIBR ARI ES GRIFFEY Human Capital “Technology must

    become a core competency for libraries, not simply a service offered to patrons…technology must be joined by new thinking on the development of human capital in the community and in the library.” ASPEN
  11. Rules • Fold your paper inside out • List 3

    things that are ripe for change in your library • Then list • Who would be the driver for that change? • What information is necessary to move that change forward? • How would that change proceed? • Now: compare notes with others at your table. • How similar are your needs? How similar are your issues?
  12. Radical Changes Are Coming • Machine Learning (AI) • Big

    Data • Decentralization (Blockchain) • New types of input 
 (Voice, Gesture, Thought) • New types of output (VR, AR) • Robots • Biotech
  13. What Can You Do? • http://namecoin.info • https://bitmessage.org/ • http://twister.net.co

    • https://erisindustries.com • https://ethereum.org • https://stampery.com • https://www.deckbound.com • http://etheria.world • http://ribbit.me • Mycelia • http://backfeed.cc • http://storj.io • Tokken • http://openbazaar.org • http://www.synereo.com • http://lazooz.org
  14. J G R I F F E Y @ C

    Y B E R . L AW. H A R VA R D . E D U H T T P : / / J A S O N G R I F F E Y. N E T F O U N D E R / P R I N C I PA L C O N S U LTA N T E V E N LY D I S T R I B U T E D L L C H T T P : / / E V E N LY D I S T R I B U T E D . N E T J A S O N G R I F F E Y T H E L I B R A RY B O X P R O J E C T H T T P : / / L I B R A RY B O X . U S M E A S U R E T H E F U T U R E H T T P : / / M E A S U R E T H E F U T U R E . N E T P H O T O C R E D I T: C I N D I B LY B E R G F E L L O W B E R K M A N C E N T E R F O R I N T E R N E T & S O C I E T Y H A R VA R D U N I V E R S I T Y