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Starspots with K2 and IGRINS

by gully

Published January 17, 2018 in Science

Talk given at #K2Clusters at Boston University on Wednesday, January 17, 2018. I overview methods for starspot measurements, and highlight geometrical limitations in lightcurve analysis. As an example I compare starspot coverages derived from K2 lightcurve amplitudes (Rebull et al. 2016) with starspot coverages estimated from LAMOST TiO analysis (Fang et al. 2016). We see that spectroscopic techniques show larger starspot coverage fractions than lightcurve amplitude analysis, as would be expected if polar starspots or isotropic starspots were common. The widespread presence of such geometries could explain several unsolved problems in stellar astrophysics. The noisy measurement will benefit from future inference based analysis on higher resolution, higher bandwidth spectra from IGRINS and iSHELL.

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