Kepler/K2 and IGRINS constrain starspot filling factors and temperatures.

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January 09, 2019

Kepler/K2 and IGRINS constrain starspot filling factors and temperatures.

In this contribution I highlight how large starspot coverage fractions alter the interpretation of existing data: age biases and spreads in young clusters and spectral-type mismatches in the optical and infrared. I showcase results of probabilistic spectral decomposition using custom extensions to the Starfish inference framework. High spectral resolution, high bandwidth near-infrared spectra from IGRINS are shown to detect the collective emission from large starspots and/or spot groups. I demonstrate these precision measurements on the most conspicuously spotted benchmarks, Weak Line T-Tauri Stars in nearby young star forming clusters. I report their starspot coverage fractions and photospheric temperatures. These measurements indicate large biases in isochrone-derived ages of young stars.



January 09, 2019