INET 2015 Islamabad

INET 2015 Islamabad

Singapore's learnings in e-government that leads to a Smart Singapore


Harish Pillay

November 18, 2015


  1. Smart Singapore: Key Drivers Harish Pillay Head, Community Architecture

    and Leadership Red Hat Asia Pacific November 18, 2015, INET Islamabad, Pakistan
  2. Disclaimer: I am speaking on behalf of myself as a

    Singaporean and no one else
  3. Quick History Lesson

  4. 1970s: Competing with other labour economies was getting harder if

    labour productivity is not increased
  5. 1980s: CSCP (Civil Service Computerisation Program) launched targetting public administration

    to use IT – led to TradeNet and LawNet (to name two)
  6. Source: “E-Government in Asia: Enabling Public Service Innovation in the

    21st Century”, James Yong, 2003
  7. 1990s and beyond: Broadband Internet, massive up take of high

    performance consumer products (aka smartphones), content creation democratised
  8. Five Lessons

  9. Lesson 1

  10. All government services that can be delivered electronically shall be

    delivered through electronically
  11. To effectively deliver government services electronically, standards have to be

    observed and enforced
  12. Standards have to be open, freely accessible to anyone and

    any solution must have an “open source reference implementation”
  13. An Open Source Reference Implementation would ensure that the knowledge

    of the tech will always be available in the open
  14. Why?


  16. At a national level, you cannot compromise your independence to

    closed source solutions
  17. So, with an Open Source Reference Implementation, you have the

    needed gold standard for continuity
  18. Lesson 2

  19. Open Data: Data portals give citizens opportunities to co-create solutions

    that benefit all – data is the “new oil”
  20. Lesson 3

  21. Industry Collaboration: Government should be a catalyst and let industry

    lead and innovate
  22. Lesson 4

  23. Risk Taking: New ideas should be adopted quickly by government

    and learn from mistakes – fail early, fail fast
  24. Lesson 5

  25. Stable Political Leadership: or at least a political discourse that

    values consistency and deliverance
  26. These 5 lessons together help drive the creation of a

    Smart City/Nation
  27. The Five Lessons 1. Open Source/Standards 2: Open Data 3:

    Industry Collaboration 4: Risk taking 5: Stable Politics
  28. Thank you Harish Pillay @harishpillay