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Web application development tips

Web application development tips

Talk about software development on a local university forum.
Original: https://speakerdeck.com/henvic/web-application-development-tips
Portuguese: https://speakerdeck.com/henvic/desenvolvendo-uma-aplicacao-web

Henrique Vicente

October 25, 2013

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  1. Web application
    development tips
    H e n r i q u e V i c e n t e
    h t t p : / / h e n v i c . g i t h u b . i o

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  2. Once

    Inline style

    Few or none programmatically control

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  3. Some time later
    Separation of concerns of content + style

    HTML + CSS

    Java applets, Flash

    JScript, JavaScript and, finally,

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  4. ECMAScript
    Language created out of a need to make
    JavaScript more solid & a standard

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  5. Today
    1000 ways of developing a web app

    JavaScript is [always] on the client-side

    Trend: JavaScript on the server-side

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  6. No exits
    Mobile web browsers usually only interpret

    Decaying support of Java, Flash Player, and,
    Silverlight on desktop browsers

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  7. Some stats

    Date not 100% bullet-proof

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  8. But eval() JS is evil

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  9. Where can I start?
    Read the ECMAScript specs?

    RFC 2616 - HTTP/1.1?

    Version control?

    Automated tests, code quality?

    Test-Driven Development?

    Cyclomatic complexity?

    Forking and pulling requests repos on open source projects on

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  10. MUST read specs and
    references to web
    ECMAScript 5 http://es5.github.io/

    HTTP/1.1 http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2616

    BrazilJS Weekly http://braziljs.org/ (in portuguese)

    Mozilla MDN


    24ways.org (each December)

    The Art of Unix Programming by Eric S. Raymond


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  12. Version control
    year <= 2005 → ‘use svn’;

    year > 2005 → ‘use git’;

    GIT Commit Good Practice


    Enjoy the command line?

    Node GH ftw.

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  13. http://try.github.io/levels/1/challenges/1

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  14. Let’s roll
    Is there anything to help me develop a web
    app faster, better, and easer?

    Frameworks, libraries? What do we have?

    Generators? Examples?

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  15. Great comparison web site where you can see

    a simple to-do list app built

    with different tool sets like

    function libraries,

    frameworks, and,

    vanilla JS (or pure JS)


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  16. Before writing some
    “jQuery” code...
    Don’t start using frameworks without having
    a basic understanding on how vanilla JS

    Then, use whatever you want to make your
    work more valuable: do re-use code

    But before writing JS:

    Can’t CSS do what you want better?

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  17. The essential tool
    IDE vs. code / text editor


    WebStorm (JetBrains)

    Eclipse, NetBeans


    Source code editors:

    Sublime, TextMate

    vi (hard core)




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  18. Use metrics to determine
    what you should produce
    Don’t produce for IE 6 or older browsers: not
    worth it

    Consider the accessibility / the visual
    impaired (unless you’re designing a photo
    sharing web service and even so… consider

    Always use metrics to evaluate risks and to
    see the options and its consequences clearer

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  19. gs.statcounter.com

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  20. A better terminal…
    Must Have Git Aliases: Advanced Examples

    iTerm 2
    You do use the CLI (command-line interface), right?

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  21. CLI tools that you’ll
    learn to love

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  22. Installing...
    Download NodeJS at www.nodejs.org

    Install it, then open your console and install

    the other tools:

    Yeoman: npm install -g yo

    Grunt CLI: npm install -g grunt-cli

    Bower: npm install -g bower

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  23. Yeoman + AngularJS
    Let’s create a example app with a Yeoman
    AngularJS generator?

    First, install the generator

    npm install -g generator-angular

    Then: yeoman angular

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  25. Testes automatizados!

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  27. henvic.github.io
    T a l k a v a i l a b l e a t
    h t t p s : / / s p e a k e r d e c k . c o m /
    h e n v i c / w e b - a p p l i c a t i o n -
    d e v e l o p m e n t - t i p s

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