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Joe Bell - Modern Mindfulness

Hey! Presents
October 05, 2016

Joe Bell - Modern Mindfulness

Presented at Hey! #25 on 5th October, 2016.

Hey! Presents

October 05, 2016


  1. Modern Mindfulness Joe Bell *FREE SKY TV & INTERNET*

  2. 1 in 4 people in the UK 
 will experience

    a mental health problem each year. – Mind #ModernMindfulness @joebell_
  3. Almost half of 18-24 year olds check their phone in

    the middle of the night. – Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey 2016 #ModernMindfulness @joebell_
  4. We’re connecting with more people than ever before. #ModernMindfulness @joebell_

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  6. So why aren’t we talking? #ModernMindfulness @joebell_

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  8. #ModernMindfulness @joebell_ We expect more from technology and less from

    each other. – Sherry Turkle
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  10. #ModernMindfulness @joebell_ Fear of Missing Out

  11. #ModernMindfulness @joebell_ It’s easy to forget there’s a real person

    behind the profile photo.
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  15. The key to openness is empathy. #ModernMindfulness @joebell_

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  17. ` (My Spirit Animal)

  18. #ModernMindfulness @joebell_ We all live equally complex and vivid lives.

  19. The only person more important than you is your future