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Developing a Lean UX Practice

Wren Lanier
November 14, 2016

Developing a Lean UX Practice

Presented at Charlotte UX Meetup

Wren Lanier

November 14, 2016

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  1. Developing a Lean UX Practice Senior Product Designer, Windsor Circle

    Wren Lanier @heywren
  2. Who I Am - Work at Windsor Circle, a startup

    in Durham - Design software for ecommerce marketers - UX Team of One …I love working on interesting problems
  3. My happy place

  4. Solutions in search of a problem are waste

  5. Reduces waste on design & product teams Lean UX

  6. Toyota Way (origin of Lean)

  7. Build Measure Learn

  8. The output of Lean teams is validated learning (not deliverables)

    Lean UX
  9. doubt certainty Reduce risk, replace it with learning

  10. Continuous validated learning 
 about your users Lean UX

  11. Four Lean Habits Anyone Can Adopt

  12. Focus on problems, not solutions 1

  13. Product Death Cycle 
 by @davidjband

  14. Organizations who have grown up in a feature mindset will

    struggle with the shift to customer problems. “ ” - Jared Spool Themes: A Small Change to Product Roadmaps with Large Effects
  15. Develop an efficient research cadence 2

  16. • Pick a dedicated time for research • Same day,

    same time, every week • Divide it into time slots
  17. Use an office hours tool to allow users to self-schedule

  18. Committing to weekly research keeps your team accountable

  19. Use research to discover problems, share experiments, test mockups or

  20. Turn assumptions into hypotheses 3

  21. • Because people will use this and love it •

    Because our competition built it • Because it will cause customers to do [thing]
  22. Assumptions are where risk hides in projects

  23. We can reduce risk by testing our assumptions

  24. Assumption: 
 Adding links to our daily email will increase

    logins Hypothesis: 
 When we add links to our daily email we will see an increase in logins. We will know this is true when we see increased click % and increased logins via the daily email.
  25. You can turn almost any piece of work into a

  26. Test solutions with rapid experiments 4

  27. An experiment is any low-effort way to test an assumption

  28. Experiments should try to simulate “real” conditions

  29. Real clients require more creativity and more honesty

  30. Usability tests are a great way to measure all sorts

    of things
  31. Run “beta” experiments with active customers

  32. Don’t get hung up on statistical significance

  33. Be honest about what you’re learning & what it means