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What's new in PHP 8.3?

What's new in PHP 8.3?

I'll show you the new features, deprecations and BC breaks of the new PHP 8.3 release with some comparing code samples and fun facts.

This talk was held at the PHP USERGROUP DRESDEN e.V. on December 14, 2023.

Holger Woltersdorf

December 14, 2023

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  1. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. PHP USERGROUP DRESDEN e.V. X-​

    MAS Meetup 2023 December 14 at move elevator GmbH What's new in
  2. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Community work in numbers 2,190

    commits 3,254 files changed November, 23 GA release 🥳 83 fixed issues 52 added improvements 4 removals of obsolete or breaking code 13 accepted RFCs, with ø 24,8 voters 19 new Features 32 new functions / methods 66 new global constants 29 breaking changes 17 deprecations 61 other changes & improvements 28 contributors https://github.com/php/php-​ src/compare/php-​ 8.2.13...php-​ 8.3.0 • https://www.php.net/manual/en/migration83.php • https://www.php.net/ChangeLog-​ 8.php#8.3.0 • https://php-​ rfc-​ watch.beberlei.de/#Accepted%20RFCs%20for%20PHP%208.3
  3. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Readonly amendments Readonly properties can

    now be reinitialized during cloning. This is useful for deep cloning of object trees. PHP 8.2 PHP 8.3 Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Cannot modify readonly property User::$username in /in/A338W:9 Stack trace: #0 /in/A338W(14): User->__clone() #1 {main} thrown in /in/A338W on line 9 Dresden JS
  4. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Types class constants Changing the

    type of constants during inheritance fails PHP 8.2 PHP 8.3 Fatal error: Cannot use array as value for class constant Foo::PHP of type string
  5. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Dynamic class constant fetch Fetch

    constant values in classes with less effort PHP 8.2 PHP 8.3
  6. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. #​ [\Override] Attribute Intentionally override

    a base method & fail if base method does not exist PHP 8.2 PHP 8.3 Fatal error: MyTest::taerDown() has #​ [\Override] attribute, but no matching parent method exists
  7. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. json_validate() Check for valid JSON

    with less code and more efficiently PHP 8.2 PHP 8.3 true true
  8. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Randomizer::getBytesFromString() Quickly generate a random

    string from given chars with a given length PHP 8.2 PHP 8.3 random_int() is not seedable for testing, but secure. A \Random\Engine may be passed for seeding, default is the secure engine
  9. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Randomizer::getFloat() / Randomizer::nextFloat() Generate unbiased

    random float values in a given range PHP 8.2 PHP 8.3 getFloat() might return the upper bound, i.e. 1, introducing a small bias [ 0.0, 1.0 ] [ 0.0, 1.0 )
  10. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Just in case you can't

    remember the interval notation either 🤓 Source: https://curvebreakerstestprep.com/what-​ is-​ interval-​ notation-​ domain-​ range-​ example/
  11. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Command line linter supports multiple

    files The CLI linter now accepts variadic input for filenames to lint PHP 8.2 PHP 8.3 php -​ l foo.php bar.php No syntax errors detected in foo.php php -​ l foo.php bar.php No syntax errors detected in foo.php No syntax errors detected in bar.php
  12. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Final modifier for a trait

    method PHP 8.2 PHP 8.3 Fatal error: Cannot override final method Output::test() Fatal error: Cannot use 'final' as method modifier
  13. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Final modifier for a trait

    method PHP 8.2 PHP 8.3 Fatal error: Cannot override final method Output::test() Fatal error: Cannot use 'final' as method modifier If you like your project at least a bit: Please try to avoid using traits! 🙏
  14. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Closures from magic methods accept

    named parameters PHP 8.2 PHP 8.3 array(1) { ["a"]=> int(123) } array(1) { ["a"]=> int(123) } array(1) { ["a"]=> int(123) } Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Unknown named parameter $a
  15. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Arbitrary static variable initializers PHP

    8.2 PHP 8.3 bar() called 1 2 3 Fatal error: Constant expression contains invalid operations
  16. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Support for fallback value syntax

    in php.ini Source: https://php.watch/versions/8.3/php-​ ini-​ envar-​ fallback-​ value-​ syntax Supported Functions The fallback value syntax is supported in all PHP functions that return, set, and parse INI values. This includes: ini_get() ini_get_all() ini_set() get_cfg_var() parse_ini_string() parse_ini_file() array(1) { ["name"]=> string(5) "MyApp" } PHP 8.3 array(1) { ["name"]=> string(0) "" } PHP 8.2
  17. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Some more... DOM Added properties

    DOMElement::$className and DOMElement::$id Added properties DOMNode::$isConnected and DOMNameSpaceNode::$isConnected Added properties DOMNode::$parentElement and DOMNameSpaceNode::$parentElement FFI It is now possible to assign FFI\CData to other FFI\CData. Meaning CData can now be assigned to structs and fields. Opcache opcache_get_status()​ ['scripts'][n]['revalidate'] now contains a Unix timestamp of when the next revalidation of the scripts timestamp is due, dictated by the opcache.revalidate_freq INI directive. POSIX posix_getrlimit() now takes an optional $res parameter to allow fetching a single resource limit. posix_isatty() now raises type warnings for integers following the usual ZPP semantics. posix_ttyname() now raises type warnings for integers following the usual ZPP semantics and value warnings for invalid file descriptor integers. Streams Streams can now emit the STREAM_NOTIFY_COMPLETED notification. This was previously not implemented. These are not binary-​ safe at the moment because of underlying limitations of libxml2. This means that the property values will be cut off at a NUL byte. Source: https://php.watch/versions/8.3/php-​ ini-​ envar-​ fallback-​ value-​ syntax
  18. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. New Date exceptions 🙌 DateError

    DateObjectError DateRangeError DateException DateInvalidOperationException DateInvalidTimeZoneException DateMalformedIntervalStringException DateMalformedPeriodStringException DateMalformedStringException Docs at: https://www.php.net/manual/en/book.d atetime.php
  19. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Just in case you can't

    remember the interval notation either 🤓 Source: https://curvebreakerstestprep.com/what-​ is-​ interval-​ notation-​ domain-​ range-​ example/
  20. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. DOM DOMElement::getAttributeNames() DOMElement::insertAdjacentElement() DOMElement::insertAdjacentText() DOMElement::toggleAttribute()

    DOMNode::contains() DOMNode::getRootNode() DOMNode::isEqualNode() DOMNameSpaceNode::contains() DOMParentNode::replaceChildren()
  21. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. JSON json_validate() — 🙌 LDAP

    ldap_connect_wallet() — Connect to an LDAP server ldap_exop_sync() — Performs an extended operation MBString mb_str_pad() — Pad a multibyte string to a certain length with another multibyte string
  22. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Posix posix_sysconf() — Returns system

    runtime information posix_pathconf() — Returns the value of a configurable limit posix_fpathconf() — Returns the value of a configurable limit, but for file descriptors posix_eaccess() — Determine accessibility of a file PostgreSQL pg_set_error_context_visibility() — Determines the visibility of the context's error messages returned by pg_last_error() and pg_result_error()
  23. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Random Random\Randomizer::getBytesFromString() Random\Randomizer::nextFloat() Random\Randomizer::getFloat() Reflection

    ReflectionMethod::createFromMethodName() Socket socket_atmark() — Determines whether socket is at out-​ of-​ band mark
  24. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Standard str_increment() — Increment an

    alphanumeric string str_decrement() — Decrement an alphanumeric string stream_context_set_options() — Sets options on the specified context Zip ZipArchive::getArchiveFlag() — Returns the value of a Zip archive global flag
  25. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. cURL CURLINFO_CAPATH (libcurl >= 7.84.0)

    CURLINFO_CAINFO (libcurl >= 7.84.0) CURLOPT_MIME_OPTIONS (libcurl >= 7.81.0) CURLMIMEOPT_FORMESCAPE (libcurl >= 7.81.0) CURLOPT_WS_OPTIONS (libcurl >= 7.86.0) CURLWS_RAW_MODE (libcurl >= 7.86.0) CURLOPT_SSH_HOSTKEYFUNCTION (libcurl >= 7.84.0) CURLOPT_PROTOCOLS_STR (libcurl >= 7.85.0) CURLOPT_REDIR_PROTOCOLS_STR (libcurl >= 7.85.0) CURLOPT_CA_CACHE_TIMEOUT (libcurl >= 7.87.0) CURLOPT_QUICK_EXIT (libcurl >= 7.87.0) CURLKHMATCH_OK (libcurl >= 7.19.6) CURLKHMATCH_MISMATCH (libcurl >= 7.19.6) CURLKHMATCH_MISSING (libcurl >= 7.19.6) CURLKHMATCH_LAST (libcurl >= 7.19.6) Intl MIXED_NUMBERS (Spoofchecker) HIDDEN_OVERLAY (Spoofchecker) www.php.net PHP: Spoofchecker - Manual From http://icu- project.org/apiref/icu4j/com/ibm/icu/text/Spo :SINGLE_SCRIPT_CONFUSABLE: indicates that the two strings are visually confusable and that they are from the same scriptMIXED_SCRIPT_CONFUSABLE: indicates that the two strings a…

    — (CTRL+T in console) PDO_ODBC PDO_ODBC_TYPE CMS = Cryptographic Message Syntax

  28. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Zip ZipArchive::ER_DATA_LENGTH (libzip >= 1.10)

    ZipArchive::ER_NOT_ALLOWED (libzip >= 1.10) ZipArchive::AFL_RDONLY (libzip >= 1.10) ZipArchive::AFL_IS_TORRENTZIP (libzip >= 1.10) ZipArchive::AFL_WANT_TORRENTZIP (libzip >= 1.10) ZipArchive::AFL_CREATE_OR_KEEP_FILE_FOR_EMPTY_ARCHIVE (libzip >= 1.10) ZipArchive::FL_OPEN_FILE_NOW ZipArchive::LENGTH_TO_END as default value for ZipArchive::addFile() and ZipArchive::replaceFile() ZipArchive::LENGTH_UNCHECKED (libzip >= 1.10)
  29. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Programs that were very close

    to overflowing the call stack may now throw an Error when using more than zend.max_allowed_stack_size-​ zend.reserved_stack_size bytes of stack (fiber.stack_size-​ zend.reserved_stack_size for fibers). Executing proc_get_status() multiple times will now always return the right value on POSIX systems. Previously, only the first call of the function returned the right value. Executing proc_close() after proc_get_status() will now also return the right exit code. Previously this would return -1. Internally, this works by caching the result on POSIX systems. If the previous behaviour is required, it is possible to check the "cached" key in the array returned by proc_get_status() to check whether the result was cached. Zend Max Execution Timers is now enabled by default for ZTS builds on Linux. Uses of traits with static properties will now redeclare static properties inherited from the parent class. This will create a separate static property storage for the current class. This is analogous to adding the static property to the class directly without traits. PHP Core If you like your project at least a bit: Please try to avoid using traits! 🙏
  30. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Assigning a negative index $n

    to an empty array will now make sure that the next index is $n+1 instead of 0. Class constant visibility variance is now correctly checked when inherited from interfaces. WeakMap entries whose key maps to itself (possibly transitively) may now be removed during cycle collection if the key is not reachable except by iterating over the WeakMap (reachability via iteration is considered weak). Previously, such entries would never be automatically removed. PHP Core The DateTime extension has introduced Date extension specific exceptions and errors under the DateError and DateException hierarchies, instead of warnings and generic exceptions. This improves error handling, at the expense of having to check for errors and exceptions. Date
  31. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Calling DOMChildNode::after(), DOMChildNode::before(), DOMChildNode::replaceWith() on

    a node that has no parent is now a no-​ op instead of a hierarchy exception, which is the behaviour demanded by the DOM specification. Using the DOMParentNode and DOMChildNode methods without a document now works instead of throwing a DOM_HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR DOMException. This is in line with the behaviour demanded by the DOM specification. Calling DOMDocument::createAttributeNS() without specifying a prefix would incorrectly create a default namespace, placing the element inside the namespace instead of the attribute. This bug is now fixed. DOMDocument::createAttributeNS() would previously incorrectly throw a DOM_NAMESPACE_ERRNAMESPACE_ERR DOMException when the prefix was already used for a different URI. It now correctly chooses a different prefix when there's a prefix name conflict. New methods and properties were added to some DOM classes. If a userland class inherits from these classes and declare a method or property with the same name, the declarations must be compatible. Otherwise, a typical compile error about incompatible declarations will be thrown. See the list of new features and new functions for a list of the newly implemented methods and properties. Command message payloads
  32. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. C functions that have a

    return type of void now return null instead of returning the following object object(FFI\CData:void) { } FFI The opcache.consistency_checks INI directive was removed. This feature was broken with the tracing JIT, as well as with inheritance cache, and has been disabled without a way to enable it since PHP 8.1.18 and PHP 8.2.5. Both the tracing JIT and inheritance cache may modify shm after the script has been persisted by invalidating its checksum. The attempted fix skipped over the modifiable pointers but was rejected due to complexity. For this reason, it was decided to remove the feature instead. Opcache
  33. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. The range() function has had

    various changes: Standard A TypeError is now thrown when passing objects, resources, or arrays as the boundary inputs. A more descriptive ValueError is thrown when passing 0 for $step. A ValueError is now thrown when using a negative $step for increasing ranges. If $step is a float that can be interpreted as an int, it is now done so. A ValueError is now thrown if any argument is infinity or NAN. An E_WARNING is now emitted if $start or $end is the empty string. The value continues to be cast to the value 0. An E_WARNING is now emitted if $start or $end has more than one byte, only if it is a non-​ numeric string. An E_WARNING is now emitted if $start or $end is cast to an integer because the other boundary input is a number. (e.g. range(5, 'z');). An E_WARNING is now emitted if $step is a float when trying to generate a range of characters, except if both boundary inputs are numeric strings (e.g. range('5', '9', 0.5); does not produce a warning). range() now produce a list of characters if one of the boundary inputs is a string digit instead of casting the other input to int (e.g. range('9', 'A');).
  34. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Standard The file() flags error

    check now catches all invalid flags. Notably FILE_APPEND was previously silently accepted. SNMP The type of SNMP class constants are now declared. Phar The type of Phar class constants are now declared.
  35. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Saner Increment/Decrement operators Using the

    increment operator (++) on empty, non-​ numeric, or non-​ alphanumeric strings is now deprecated. Moreover, incrementing non-​ numeric strings is soft deprecated. That means no E_DEPRECATED diagnostic is emitted, but this feature should not be used when producing new code. The new str_increment() function should be used instead. Using the decrement operator (--) on empty or non-​ numeric strings is now deprecated. get_class() / get_parent_class() Calling get_class() and get_parent_class() without arguments is now deprecated.
  36. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. DBA Calling dba_fetch() with $dba

    as the 3rd argument is now deprecated. FFI Calling FFI::cast(), FFI::new(), and FFI::type() statically is now deprecated. Intl The U_MULTIPLE_DECIMAL_SEP*E*RATORS constant had been deprecated, using the U_MULTIPLE_DECIMAL_SEP*A*RATORS constant instead is recommended. The NumberFormatter::TYPE_CURRENCY constant has been deprecated.
  37. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. LDAP Calling ldap_connect() with separate

    $hostname and $port is deprecated. MBString Passing a negative $width to mb_strimwidth() is now deprecated. Phar Calling Phar::setStub() with a resource and a $length is now deprecated. Such calls should be replaced by: $phar->setStub(stream_get_contents($resource));
  38. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Random The MT_RAND_PHP Mt19937 variant

    is deprecated. Reflection Calling ReflectionProperty::setValue() with only one parameter is deprecated. To set static properties, pass null as the first parameter.
  39. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Standard The assert_options() function is

    now deprecated. The ASSERT_ACTIVE, ASSERT_BAIL, ASSERT_CALLBACK, ASSERT_EXCEPTION, and ASSERT_WARNING constants have been deprecated. The assert.* INI settings have been deprecated. See the Changes to INI File Handling page for further details. SQLite3 Using exceptions is now preferred, warnings will be removed in the future. Calling SQLite3::enableExceptions(false) will trigger a deprecation warning in this version. Zip The ZipArchive::FL_RECOMPRESS constant is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of libzip.
  40. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. Minimum supported Windows version has

    been bumped to Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012.
  41. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. www.php.net PHP: Other Changes -

    Manual Core has added the following 8 fields: "running" => bool "protected" => bool "buffer_size" => int "application_time" => float: Total application time, in seconds (including collector_time) "collector_time" => float: Time spent collecting cycles, in seco…
  42. ©2023 Public. All Rights Reserved. MPOWR IT GmbH Enderstr. 94

    01277 Dresden Deutschland Geschäftsführung: Patrick Pächnatz Holger Woltersdorf Web: https://mpowr.it E-​ Mail: [email protected] HRB 43777 Amtsgericht Dresden USt-​ ID: DE359347772 THANK YOU! Holger Woltersdorf CO-​ Founder & CEO