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Quick Cell Set-Up Slides

Quick Cell Set-Up Slides

Don't delay! Follow these short, quick steps to set up your cell for Home911, including 911TRACK and 'How To Do A Demo ALERT'. Also available on Videos Part 4. Go to www.home911.co.za or www.home911.mobi (Cell Website)



June 23, 2012

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  1. EXPERT Instant Expert: • Quick Home911 Cell Set-Up • 911TRACK

    Set-Up • How To Do A Demo ‘ALERT’ CLICK Below
  2. Easy Home911 Cell Set-Up Steps NB: Once Registered, Complete The

    Following On The MAIN MEMBER’S Phone:
  3. Save 1st New Contact *31#0824814499 as Home911 Alert Save 2nd

    New Contact 0824814499 as Home911 Manage Save 3rd New Contact 36434 as Home911 Track Speed Dial Now Link The Home911 Alert Number to a Speed Dial. This is Now YOUR Home911 Alert ‘Button’ Step 1: Add 3 New Contacts On Your Cell
  4. Send The Following SMS To Home911 Manage… To Add An

    Alert Recipient: Your SMS Can Have Up To 5 Alert Recipients’ Numbers At A Time : Add 0821234567 082765… Home911 Sends A Confirmation SMS To Your New Alert Recipients To Delete An Alert Recipient, SMS: Del 0821234567 082765… To Get A List Of Your Alert Recipients, SMS: Qr Include Your Own Cell Number As An Alert Recipient If You Have ‘Household Members’ Step 2: Adding Your Alert Recipients… Up to 10 Anyone You Would Want To Alert In A High-Distress Emergency Situation: Family, Friends, Neighbours, Neighbourhood Watch etc.
  5. They Are Linked To YOUR Address & YOUR Alert Recipient

    Group Send The Following SMS’s To Home911 Manage: To Add A Household Member, SMS: Mem Sue 0821234567 Bob 082765… Home911 Sends A Confirmation SMS To Your New Household Members To Delete A Household Member, SMS: Dmem 0821234567 To Get A List Of Household Members: Qm Step 3a: Add your Household Members… Up to 10
  6. Save 1st New Contact *31#0824814499 As Home911 Alert Optional: Save

    2nd New Contact 36434 As Home911 Track Speed Dial Household Member Links Their Home911 Alert Number To A Speed Dial Step 3b: Household Members Set Up Their Cellphones
  7. Main & Household Members Can Choose To Track Each Other

    Plus Select Which Alert Recipients They Want To Set Up As ‘Trackers’ All Trackers Must Pre-register!! No Monthly Cost. R5 Per SMS For Set- up And When Track Is Used SMS The Following Registration Request To 911 Track: 911track (No Spaces) Reply To SMS As Instructed With Your First Name, A Comma And Surname: Joe,Winner (No Spaces) You, Your Household Members & Select Alert Recipients Send The Following Set-up Request SMS With Detail Of Who They Want To Track (ONE Name Per SMS): Add,Sue,Winner,0821234567 (No Spaces) SMS Notification Is Sent To You When Someone Initially Sets Up To Track You. You Can Refuse Permission & Block Individuals From Tracking You Actual Tracking SMS Sent To Home911 Track: Track0821234… (No Spaces) ALL Networks Can Track Vodacom & MTN Users Only (Currently) Step 4 (Optional) : Easy Home911 Track Set-Up
  8. Then Please, URGENTLY Set-up A 2nd Alternative Alert Speed Dial

    Button Linked To ONE Of The Following : VODACOM *140*0824814499# MTN *121*0824814499# Do Not Delay! Regret Always Comes Too Late CELL C *111*0824814499# VIRGIN *125*0824814499# Step 5 (Optional) : No Airtime… Sometimes?
  9. Cell Number Changes Via Email Instruction Only To support@home911.co.za New

    Home Address ? SMS Your New Info To Home911 Manage: Msg Joe Winner 14 Sun Rd Knysna (Single Spaces) You Can Temporarily Change Your Profile Address Info Within Minutes If You Are Away On Holiday, A Business Trip, Etc Home911 Will Send You An SMS Confirmation Of Your Updated Information Changes Main Member Personal Profile Changes
  10. You Can Do A Demo For Up To 5 People

    At A Time. You Need Airtime For 2 SMS’s & Normal Network Rates Apply Send The Following SMS Request With Your ‘Demo Guests’ Cell Number’s To Home911 Manage: Demo 0821234567 082456… An SMS Confirmation Is Sent To Your ‘Demo Guests’ NB! Wait A Few Minutes For The Home911 SMS Request Confirmation BEFORE Proceeding To Demonstrate The Alert Button To Your ‘Demo Guests’. Press Your Home911 Alert Button ONCE… 2 Seconds. Your ‘Demo Guests’ Will Receive A ‘Demo Alert’ Your Home911 Alert Automatically Reverts Back To Full Alert Status Demonstrate Your Home911 Alert Button… Without Your Alert Recipients Being Sent An Emergency Alert !
  11. Please Contact Home911 Support For Any Additional Information Or Assistance

    You Need: support@home911.co.za Quick-Support 071 161 0060 www.home911.mobi (Cell Website Support)