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The internal developer platform: Scaffolding for cloud-native development @ We Are Developers Berlin 2023

The internal developer platform: Scaffolding for cloud-native development @ We Are Developers Berlin 2023


Learn how Backstage and golden paths supply a complete foundation for cloud-native development with a microservices-based architecture app. This end-to-end developer experience demo will focus on the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

We'll show how Backstage will support you with immediate signposts to components, resources, and relevant documentation. Your team can deploy the right tools and components to get to work immediately.

Discover how Backstage tools help you mount your team's scaffolding and apply best practices atop. View and change source code in Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces, a web-based integrated development environment (IDE) built on Visual Studio Code (VSC).

Automate the build-test-deploy cycle using GitOps and build-test pipeline modules as you iterate your application with new features and fixes.

Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzJNFCPaASA

Hans-Peter Grahsl

July 27, 2023

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  1. Yeah… We’ll just need … 5 … to create container

    images, and a container registry to share them, and a place to run all our containers …
  2. Yeah… We’ll just need … 6 … oh, and a

    lot(!) of YAML 😱, and some CI/CD to build & deploy it, and a repository to store our code … and all our YAML 🙈.
  3. I’ll just quickly grab this and only add one more

    little thing… 7 https://twitter.com/dastbe/status/1303858170155081728
  4. What’s the problem? Lack of organization can lead to a

    lengthy and inconsistent onboarding experience - it’s costly and also frustrating for developers! 9
  5. We’re simply asking too much of developers … 11 “Today’s

    developers are asked to know web frameworks, architecture patterns, testing strategies, build systems, multiple types of databases, caches, automation tools, container orchestrators, L4-L7 networking concepts, SaaS APIs, monitoring systems, numerous public clouds, and oh, maybe a little machine learning.” https://cloud.google.com/blog/products/application-development/richard-seroter-on-shifting-down-vs-shifting-left — Richard Seroter
  6. 14 What is an Internal Developer Platform (IDP)? Internal Developer

    Platform ▸ built by a platform team to enable developer self-service ▸ provides developers with guided and supported paths to success ▸ typically composed of different technologies and tools
  7. Golden Paths Golden Path 15 pre-architected and supported approach to

    building and deploying a particular piece of software
  8. Golden Paths 16 What does a Golden Path contain? ▸

    a templated repository hosting the initial code base ▸ a set of manifests for deploying applications and provisioning resources ▸ pre-configured but customizable CI/CD pipeline ▸ baked in observability with reasonable default settings
  9. 17 Why use an Internal Developer Platform (IDP)? Internal Developer

    Platform Operations • Accounts for governance and standardization • Handles logistics for automating deployment tasks Project Managers (PM) • Project management tool consistency & organization • Improved planning by defining a clear set of steps & dependencies Security • Ensuring best practices are followed (vulnerability scanning, pen testing, etc) • Visibility into security posture of applications Quality Assurance (QA) • Automated testing integrated into Golden Path • Visibility into testing process to help identify problems ▸ makes different & complex tech stacks approachable in a consistent way ▸ allows for faster adoption of new technologies by removing friction ▸ not only for developers → beneficial also to Ops, Security, PM & QA
  10. What is Red Hat Developer Hub? 19 An enterprise-grade, open

    developer platform for building developer portals, containing a supported and opinionated framework.
  11. 20 Consistent developer experience across environments. Integrates with industry standards

    and technologies through a broad ecosystem. Virtual Physical Hybrid Software Catalog Software Templates Authentication and Authorization with Keycloak GitOps with Argo CD Pipelines with Tekton Application Topology for Kubernetes Container Image Registry for Quay Multi Cluster View with Open Cluster Manager (OCM) Based on Backstage, an open source platform for building developer portals. MANY MORE Empowering engineering to deliver business value faster.
  12. Tekton How it all comes together … 23 Red Hat

    Developer Hub Keycloak Argo CD Deployment Build & Push Images Image Registry Pull Images deploy OpenShift Dev Spaces App Source Repo GitOps Manifests Repo Scaffolding & Initial Commit Develop & Test Code Webhook Trigger
  13. Self-service with guardrails for cloud-native development. 24 The Rise of

    Platform Engineering = The Evolution of DevOps Single pane of glass to increase engineering productivity. Real-time view of application and infrastructure health and security. Empowering engineering to deliver business value faster. Best practices with GitOps and automation.
  14. Apply for Dev Preview Today! 25 ▸ Choose Red Hat

    for Developer Productivity ▸ Learn how Red Hat Developer Hub can help: red.ht/rhdh ▸ Email to [email protected] ▸ Get support via slack
  15. linkedin.com/company/red-hat youtube.com/user/RedHatVideos facebook.com/redhatinc twitter.com/RedHat 26 Red Hat is the world’s

    leading provider of enterprise open source software solutions. Award-winning support, training, and consulting services make Red Hat a trusted adviser to the Fortune 500. Thank you!