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You've got mail. Haven't you?! --uncertainty as stressor

3957d1bf54880a037e82a9c9e1e3d4dc?s=47 Huisi Li
January 11, 2013

You've got mail. Haven't you?! --uncertainty as stressor

Homework for Design Calm class @ d. school, stanford


Huisi Li

January 11, 2013


  1. , haven’t you?! In a visual world of uncertainty... While

    writing emails, people worry a lot about whether emails will get them the results they want, such as social acceptance, boss’s approval of a plan, quick response, and even simply whether they are received or not.
  2. In a visual world of uncertainty... They say... • “I

    worry about the wording while I am writing, and whether the receiver will read the email in time ,whether he will reply to me quickly.” ---Lin • “I don’t even know if I have successfully added she to my Google + circle. Should I add again?” ---Chief • “Am I being courteous enough? What will my program director think?” ---Jess
  3. In the space between action and result, uncertainty( ) is

    everywhere • I’ve decided to write an email, then... step1 step 2 step3 step4 step5 Steps: 1 Wording, being polite, convincing, clear, succinct, confident, smart.... 2 Should I send out now? Should I cc more persons? 3 Has the other person received the email? Has he/she read it? 4 Does he/she like the idea? Rejection? Collaboration? 5 What to do next? When should I write the next email?