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Doing the right thing

7358669f5a02683232e26b20a976d888?s=47 Ronan Berder
September 18, 2012

Doing the right thing

Collection of notes, thoughts and advices coming from building an ethical business in China.


Ronan Berder

September 18, 2012


  1. Doing the right thing 干对的事 Building an ethical business in

    China 在中国建立诚信企业
  2. Who the hell..? 我们是谁 Ronan Berder খ۽ Wiredcraft

  3. Who are you? 你是谁? • French No mustache though... •

    Engineer involved in Open Source And no glasses... • In China since 2005 Some say I’m doomed
  4. So what do we do? 我们做什么? • Data centric applications

    • Humanitarian and non-profit space • In Shanghai and Washington, DC (and soon SF)




  9. Why? 为什么? • Challenging problems Technically and socially • Cutting

    edge technology • High quality
  10. Why in China then? 为什么选择中国?

  11. • No work, no money No fun... • Created for

    freelancing • 3 staff after 2 months Inception 全面开启
  12. • Hustled to get big clients: Axel Springer, CNN, Nvidia,

    Popcap Games... • Feeds in the loop of awesomeness... • Staff of 5 • Need to create a WOFE “Holy cow” growth 迅速成长
  13. WOFE in a nutshell 小型独资企业  

  14. What then? 是什么? • Doing similar things • Lack of

    purpose • Time to change
  15. Let’s go humanitarian! 人性化的发展!

  16. How did we get started? 我们是怎样开始? • Hustling through previous

    connections • Southern Sudan Referendum • Worked our way to the UN
  17. What then? 是什么? • Still not satisfied • Updated our

    technical stack • Focusing more and more on products
  18. Lessons learned 吸取教训

  19. Disclaimer 接受不完美 • I am no expert • We’re far

    from perfect • These work for us Not necessarily good for you, but still worth a try...
  20. What we focus on 我们专注的重心是什么? • People • Methodology

  21. Building a team 建立一个团队

  22. How to recruit? 如何招新? • Job sites are useless •

    Use your network and never burn bridges • Trust your guts
  23. How to keep them? 如何留住人才? • Invest in them That

    includes trust • Let them fuck it up • Again, trust your guts That means firing fast
  24. Getting sh*t done 把事儿搞定

  25. Keep it focused 专注于工作重心 • Outsource as much as possible

    • Don’t procrastinate • Have a process and collaborate (we use SCRUM)
  26. Keep it lean 取其精华 • Don’t buy crap but don’t

    be cheap • Don’t overdo processes • Don’t over-hire
  27. And since we’re in China 自从我们来到中国 • Don’t mess with

    the tax bureau • Don’t mess with the labor bureau
  28. To sum it up 少少结论

  29. Invest 投资

  30. Hustle 推搡

  31. Questions? 有问题吗?