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The Power of Edge Functions

The Power of Edge Functions

In this talk we dive into benefits of edge functions and examples of how you can modify network requests to localize content, serve relevant ads, A/B test, authenticate visitors and provide super fast response times.

Irina Blumenfeld

June 09, 2023

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  1. • Executed on demand • Scale by running more functions

    • Pay for what you need Serverless Functions 
  2. • Run on the edge • Built on Deno •

    Supported by many JS Frameworks • TypeScript or JavaScript • Now in GA Edge Functions 
  3. • Personalization • Set/Read/Delete Cookies • Set Request/Response HTTP Headers

    • HTML Rewrites • A/B Testing Edge Functions Examples 
  4. • cookies • geo • IP • JSON • log

    • next • rewrite • site Context Object