Don't Let Images Weigh Down Your Site

Don't Let Images Weigh Down Your Site

Slides from the presentation at WordCamp Miami 2018

Nobody likes a slow site. Every year the weight of an average site keeps increasing, mainly because of image sizes. Optimizing images is very important when it comes to your website speed.
In this presentation, we will focus on different image formats and steps to follow before uploading them to a website. We’ll discuss PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG and when to use each one.
We’ll set up a process to prepare images for the web, and go over tools to measure loading time. We’ll also look at some examples of before and after image optimization.


Irina Blumenfeld

March 12, 2018



    2018 IRINA BLUMENFELD @irinablumenfeld #wcmia Slides:
  2. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld

  3. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld 53% of visits to MOBILE sites

    are abandoned after 3 seconds Source: Google’s Double Click
  4. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld Etsy 160kb 12% bounce rate

  5. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld

  6. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld source: AVERAGE PAGE - 3.8

  7. I M A G E F O R M AT

  8. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld • Most Popular • Great for

    Photos • Lossy JPEG
  9. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld • DO NOT USE! • Big

    in size • Use PNG instead GIF
  10. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld • Great for Logos, 

    with few colors • Transparency • PNG-8 vs PNG-24 PNG
  11. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld • Vector graphics • Small in

    size • Great for logos, icons • Transparency • Can be used inline in HTML SVG
  12. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld I M A G E S

    I Z E 1.7 Mb 3264 x 2448 px
  13. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld S C A L E /

    R E S I Z E • Photoshop • Imsanity WordPress Plugin 3200 px 800 px
  14. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld S AV E F O R

    W E B J P E G Baseline vs Progressive
  15. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld S AV E F O R

    W E B Baseline JPEG Example
  16. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld S AV E F O R

    W E B Progressive JPEG Example
  17. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld O P T I M I

    Z E / C O M P R E S S Lossy vs Lossless
  18. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld O P T I M I

    Z E / C O M P R E S S • • • EWWW WordPress Plugin • Compress JPG and PNG WordPress Plugin
  19. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld E X A M P L

    E Original Optimized Source:
  20. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld E X A M P L

    E Original - High Resolution 4951 x 3301 px 3.9 Mb 1. Resize / Save for Web 1600 x 1067 px 338 Kb 2. Optimize ( 1600 x 1067 px 207 Kb ( -40% )
  21. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld E X A M P L

    E Original - 3.9 Mb Optimized - 207 Kb Source:
  22. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld T E S T •

    • •
  23. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld W E B PA G E

    T E S T. O R G
  24. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld W E B PA G E

    T E S T. O R G
  25. #wcmia - @irinablumenfeld T H A N K Y

    O U Slides: Twitter: @irinablumenfeld E-Mail: