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Best Practices For Faster Websites

Best Practices For Faster Websites

Why is my site slow? I hear this a lot from people. In this presentation we discussed how you can test website speed, figure out what's causing loading delay, and what are the best practices you can implement to make your site load faster. We went over images, caching, 3rd parties, HTTP/2 protocol and more.

Irina Blumenfeld

April 25, 2017

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  1. BEST PRACTICES FOR FASTER WEBSITES WordPress Meetup - April 25,

    2017 Irina Blumenfeld @irinablumenfeld #wporl
  2. > < Average load time for mobile sites is 19

    sec on 3G @irinablumenfeld #WPORL netmagik.com INTERESTING STATS 3 Source: Google’s Double Click
  3. > < 53% of visits to MOBILE sites are abandoned

    after 3 seconds @irinablumenfeld #WPORL netmagik.com INTERESTING STATS 4 Source: Google’s Double Click
  4. > < Hosting Images Caching Number of Requests Third Parties

    @irinablumenfeld #WPORL netmagik.com WHY IS THE WEBSITE SLOW? 6
  5. > < Ads Weather Images Analytics Social Media Widgets Fonts

    & Icons @irinablumenfeld #WPORL netmagik.com THIRD PARTIES 7
  6. > < @irinablumenfeld #WPORL netmagik.com AVERAGE PAGE - 2.5 MB

    9 Source: httparchive.org httparchive.org
  7. > < @irinablumenfeld #WPORL netmagik.com IMAGE COMPRESSION 11 Compress via

    Web Interface tinypng.com kraken.io Compress with a plugin EWWW image optimizer plugin Compress JPG and PNG plugin Kraken plugin
  8. > < @irinablumenfeld #WPORL netmagik.com 14 Plugins Managed Hosting (own

    plugin) WP Rocket (premium) WP Super Cache Comet Cache CACHING
  9. > < @irinablumenfeld #WPORL netmagik.com 17 HTTP/2 Protocol DEMO FROM

    CLOUDFLARE Load Time: 0.33 s Load Time: 1.95 s
  10. > < Hosting Images Caching Number of Requests Third Parties

    @irinablumenfeld #WPORL netmagik.com Performance Problems 18