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Speeding Up WordPress

Speeding Up WordPress

Nobody likes waiting for a slow site to load. Your website speed will impact your SEO, sales and user experience. Half of the people will leave if your site doesn’t load in 3 seconds or less. In this presentation, we’ll go over tips and techniques that can dramatically increase your website performance. You will learn about online tools that will help measure your website speed as well as how you can implement steps to improve it.


Irina Blumenfeld

October 23, 2018

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    @irinablumenfeld #wcorl SLIDES: https://www.netmagik.com/speeding-up-wordpress
  2. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com

  3. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com 53% of visits to MOBILE sites

    are abandoned after 3 seconds Source: Google’s Double Click
  4. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com S L O W W E

    B S I T E S • Loss of leads • Bad for SEO • Higher bounce rate • Bad user experience • Decreased revenue
  5. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com T E S T • gtmetrix.com

    • tools.pingdom.com/fpt • webpagetest.org
  6. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com G T M E T R

    I X . C O M
  7. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com W E B PA G E

    T E S T. O R G
  8. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com W E B PA G E

    T E S T. O R G
  9. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com W H Y I S I

    T S L O W ? • Hosting • Images • Caching • Third Parties • Plugins
  10. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com HOW FAST IS FAST ENOUGH?

  11. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com VS

  12. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com W E B PA G E

    T E S T. O R G
  13. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com C O M PA R E

  14. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com Should I Use A Carousel.com I

    M A G E S
  15. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com source: httparchive.org AVERAGE PAGE - 3.8

  16. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com O P T I M I

    Z E / C O M P R E S S • Tinypng.com • Kraken.io • EWWW WordPress Plugin • Compress JPG and PNG WordPress Plugin
  17. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com O P T I M I

    Z E / C O M P R E S S
  18. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com A C T I VAT E

    C A C H I N G • Managed Hosting Caching • WP Rocket (Premium) • WP Super Cache (Free)
  19. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com T H I R D PA

    R T I E S • Ads • Weather • Images • Analytics • Social media widgets • Fonts & Icons
  20. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com L E S S I S

    B E T T E R
  21. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com S U M M A R

    Y • Hosting • Images • Caching • Third Parties • Plugins
  22. #wcorl - @irinablumenfeld netmagik.com T H A N K Y

    O U Slides: netmagik.com/speeding-up-wordpress Twitter: @irinablumenfeld E-Mail: irina@netmagik.com