Is RxSwift for me? @ try! Swift NYC

Bbb75c4dd2e17a7e3114c730ec7144d0?s=47 Marin Todorov
September 03, 2016

Is RxSwift for me? @ try! Swift NYC

It's difficult to make the jump from map and filter to say ... presenting view controllers or search bars that need to call an API on the web and populate a table view. To be honest, at first it seems almost like functional or reactive programming has nothing to do with UIKit or NSURLSession...

In this talk Marin (me) will show you how RxSwift (an async, event based framework) applies in few every day situations of the life of an iOS developer. If you like major pains being solved for you transparently at the price of a single dependance this talk is for you.


Marin Todorov

September 03, 2016