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You say persona, I say person-ah

Si Wilson
November 26, 2014

You say persona, I say person-ah

Slides for talk at Forefront, Leeds, on Wednesday 26 November 2014 on considering the work of marketers in the 1930s to help us create more meaningful 'users' to create products round, by observing real people.

As it was a talk these slides might not join up without my commentary; but I hope you glean something from them.

I did a quick blog post on it here: http://www.ermlikeyeah.com/forefront-leeds-november-2014-reeves-rosser/

Si Wilson

November 26, 2014

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  1. People preferred headlines that spoke directly to them. And then

    lots of copy that told them a story. Not something like Once Upon a Time there was three bears: a daddy bear, a mummy bear, and a baby bear. A story that told them about a product and what the product could bring to their lives that they didn’t already have.
  2. Within months, Young & Rubicam ads were being read by

    more people than any other agency’s.
  3. Value. The one reason why a product needed to be

    bought or was better than its competitors.
  4. As a _____,
 I want to _____
 so I can

    ______. User stories. Persona. Action. Outcome.
  5. User stories. As a _____,
 I want to _____

    I can ______. Persona. Action. Outcome. Motivations? Context? Environment? Anxieties?
  6. When _____,
 I want to _____
 so I can ______.

    Characters. Situation. Motivation. Outcome.
  7. Observe people, how they solve problems. Understand the context of

    their environment. Understand anxieties and motivations.