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論文紹介: "A Unified Search Federation System Based on Online User Feedback"

論文紹介: "A Unified Search Federation System Based on Online User Feedback"


Ikuo Matsumura

March 27, 2015

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  1. A Unified Search Federa/on System Based on Online User Feedback

    Authors: Luo Jie, Sudarshan Lamkhede, Rochit Sapra, Evans Hsu, Helen Song, Yi Chang (at Yahoo! Labs, Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Taiwan) Proceedings of the 19th ACM SIGKDD interna:onal conference on Knowledge discovery and data mining - KDD '13 ঺հऀ: দଜ Үੜ (CA ProFit-X) Journal Club, 2015-03-27 1
  2. Contextual Bandit ͷ֓ཁ ֤࣌ࠁ ʹ͓͍ͯԼΛߦ͍ใुͷ࿨Λ࠷େԽ͢Δɿ 1. ֤ΞΫγϣϯ ͷจ຺৘ใ͕ಛ௃ϕΫτϧ Ͱ ༩͑ΒΕΔ

    2. ֤ΞΫγϣϯ͝ͱʹใु Λਪఆ͢Δ 3. ΞΫγϣϯ Λ1ͭબ୒ɾ࣮ߦ͠ใु ΛಘΔ 4. ಘͨใुʹΑͬͯ 2. 3.ͷਪఆͱબ୒Λվળ͢Δ Journal Club, 2015-03-27 5
  3. ౷߹ݕࡧΛContextual Banditͱͯ͠ϞσϧԽ ΞΫγϣϯɿ දࣔ͢Δδϟϯϧͷ૊ (Ґஔ΍಺༰ͷҧ ͍͸ࣺ৅ʣ ใुɿ δϟϯϧ͝ͱͷ click-skip஋ (ޙड़)

    ͷ߹ܭ ୳ࡧɿ Ұఆ֬཰ ( -greedy)ɼׂ౰Ґஔ΋ϥϯμϜ ׆༻ɿ ্͔Βॱʹਪఆใुͷߴ͍δϟϯϧΛׂ౰ ૉੑɿ ݕࡧޠɼݕࡧ৔ॴɼδϟϯϧຖͷݕࡧ݁Ռ΍ ώοτ਺ͳͲ Journal Club, 2015-03-27 6
  4. ใु: δϟϯϧຖclick-skipͷ߹ܭ click-skipͰͷՃࢉ஋ - ΫϦοΫ͞Εͨδϟϯϧ͸+1 - ͦΕΑΓ্ͷδϟϯϧ͸-1 - ͦΕΑΓԼͷδϟϯϧ͸+0 Ϣʔβຬ଍౓ͷࢦඪ͸ଞʹ΋͋

    Δ͕... - CTR͸ԼҐදࣔͷ΋ͷ͕ෆར - ηογϣϯϨϕϧͷ΋ͷ2͸ߩ ݙ౓ͷׂ౰͕ෳࡶ 2 PTS (path to success) ͳͲ Journal Club, 2015-03-27 7
  5. ౷ܭϞσϧͱֶशख๏ ܇࿅σʔλͷ example ͸ ͷ4ͭ૊, ͸ exampleͷॏཁ౓3ɽ จ຺ , ΞΫγϣϯ

    ͷظ଴ใु͸ SGD, L-BFGSͰॏΈ Λਪఆɽ࣮૷͸VW4ɽ 4 h$ps:/ /github.com/JohnLangford/vowpal_wabbit 3 ͦͷ഑ஔ͕ੜ͡Δ֬཰ ͷٯ਺ɽϏδωε্ͷ੍໿΍໢ཏੑʹґଘɽ4.1અʹৄࡉɽ Journal Club, 2015-03-27 9