Iain Mansell

May 01, 2019


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    BIG DATA CORRIDOR Innovation Support for SMEs • Christelle Harrison

    (PM) • Xavier Schmoor (RA) • Konstantinos Vlachos (RA) • Ahmad Najiy Wahab (Data Analyst) • Corentin camparmo (Intern Student - France) • Carles Gonzalvo Gelabert (Intern Student - Spain) • Clara salagnac (Intern Student - France) Project Team Abdel-Rahman Tawil Associate Professor in Software Engineering
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    OVERVIEW • What is the Big Data Corridor • Working

    with SMEs to build smarter City Services • Example Smart City Projects
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    What IS THE BIG DATA CORRIDOR 3-years project until October

    2019 on data support for local business funded by partners and ERDF (European Regional Development Fund): • 12-hours business assist - initial diagnostic and assessments, as well as defining subsequent support. • Collaborations - transferring good ideas, research results and skills to enable innovative new products and services to be developed • Develop products new to the firm • Develop products new to market • Support new businesses • Create new jobs Data Driven Innovation
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    What IS THE BIG DATA CORRIDOR At a partnership level

    the BDC project • Is actively collaborating with 226 SMEs • Completed a 113 business assist and is currently working on 62 more providing a total of 2100 hours of business support • Completed 23 collaborative projects and is currently working on 15 more BDC has delivered • 23 new products to market and • 37 new products to firm
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    and Demonstrators(2) • Healthcare (10) • Education (5) • Farming and Pets(2) • Mobility (4) • Manufacturing (1) • Environment and Well-being (3) • Technology (2) • Tourism (2) • Law (1) • Consultancy (2) • Creativity and Arts (2)
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    EXAMPLE PROJECTS • A high-performance, scalable distributed big data storage

    repository • Using wearable tech for supporting the Well-being of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes • Open data to implement a route planner to encourage walking, running and cycling Smart Cities
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    BIG DATA STORAGE REPOSITORY • A Big Data Repository was

    implemented to store sensor-generated data using Azure VMs • Currently the Repository is used to store real-time and historical traffic data (vehicle speed, traffic flow, roadworks etc.) • High Availability - All nodes act as contact points (master-less architecture) • Linear Scalability - New nodes can be added to increase I/O throughput • Configurable replication - Each node’s data can be replicated to other nodes Cassandra DB Cluster Infrastructure
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    Web API {JSON Data} Web Application (Frontend) Get traffic data

    Browse Web Application Store data Data Ingestion Data Import application Traffic Sensors Data BCC API Query Data Applications Transport Data Platform TRANSPORT PLATFORM Using Cassandra and WebGL Transport Data Processing and Transformation
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    Project is a charity based in Sparkbrook. • They are providing a wide variety of services helping people with difficulties obtaining jobs or having financial problems. • Ashiana Community Project are running a support programme for people with Type 2 Diabetes. The programme consists in providing guidance regarding physical activities and diet. • The objective of the collaboration between BCU and Ashiana Community Project is to provide evidence of the impact of Ashiana’s programme, based on Fitbits data (e.g. increased physical activities through the programme). • Ashiana Community Project also plan to work with GPs in the future to provide them with meaningful information about patient health and well-being. The collaboration of Social Care with Healthcare is very important to improve health and well-being of the community. Wearable Technology Healthcare & Well-Being
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    Fitbit – Type 2 Diabetes Work in Progress • Providing

    GPs access to the dashboards • Provision of more analytic tools • Prediction of diabetes and recommendation for well- being • Add more sensors to collect Activities of Daily Living (ADL) data and integrate into the well-being dashboard Fitbit Web API Data Model Dashboard Activities Programme Ashiana Community Project BDC BCU Ingestion Application Healthcare & Well-Being
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    WalkRunCycle - FINDING GREEN ROUTES • Analysing routes for tree

    counts, water features counts, green land and clean Air features • Find alternative personalised Walking, Running and Cycling routes • Using open datasets to evaluate their radial proximity to routes • Filter routes based on user preferences Mobility & Well-Being Identified greenspace/ trees Surface water areas Air quality/ pollution levels Traffic levels Street crime levels Zebra crossings Datasets of interest within Birmingham Healthcare & Well-Being
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    Smarter Algorithms Mobile Lora Nano Gateways • Putting small Lora

    gateways and air-quality sensors into one module • Putting one module on public transport with internet access • Collect air-quality using public transport • Promoting Lora city-wide transient coverage using public transport • Opportunity for Lora v2v legacy experiments Fibre Optic Road - Leveraging total internal reflection in fibre optics to capture light across the cable: • Tracking above roads with light – detect traffic flow, side road parking occupancy • Potential for near real-time streaming from nodes with 4G/5G • Would work well in daylight – could work at night with good algorithms • Potential to be extremely low power as opposed to scoot loops Analysing Routes with Sensors Healthcare & Well-Being