Creating Innovative Pathways amidst uncertainty: the provision of information in anticipation initiatives

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February 05, 2016

Creating Innovative Pathways amidst uncertainty: the provision of information in anticipation initiatives

Presented by Jean Archambeault, Director of Information and Analysis Services at NRC Knowledge Management at InfoNexus 2016 in Montreal, Canada. Visit for more detail.



February 05, 2016


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  6. Metascan Foresight Workshop Interviews Distillation of future opportunities Opportunities description

    Stakeholder engagement Deep dives Participative, consultative: Expert-based, thought leaders, stakeholders Information provision, analytics
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  17. Cognitive (Analytical-Rational) Experiential (Intuitive - Experiential) Epistemic • Reducible by

    information • Always subjective • Subjectivity introduces errors, unreliability, deficiency, noise • Information relates to control, efficiency, optimization • Predictability is possible – you can forecast Fundamental
  18. Cognitive (Analytical-Rational) Experiential (Intuitive - Experiential) Epistemic • Information reduces

    or heightens uncertainty • Affects - Uncomfortable or excitement • Perceived as a threat to the self • Associated pathologies: anxiety disorders; groupthink or group polarization. • Predictability is desired Fundamental
  19. Cognitive (Analytical-Rational) Experiential (Intuitive - Experiential) Epistemic Fundamental • Irreducible

    by information - aleatory • External world, subject independent • Indeterminacy beyond measurement • Probabilistic methodologies at the macrostate level, predictability at microstate is impossible
  20. Cognitive (Analytical-Rational) Experiential (Intuitive - Experiential) Epistemic Fundamental • Information

    is less critical than tolerance to uncertainty • Assumed as a intrinsic condition of being; • A precondition for intelligence, freedom and creativity • Pathology associated is schizophrenia • Defies predictability, assumes emergence
  21. Epistemic analytical Epistemic experiential Fundamental analytical Fundamental experiential Producing certainty;

    determinism; identity; entity; control; signal; precision; reducing subjectivity; anxiety; prediction; intolerance Noise; probabilities; equivocality; irresolution; potential; ambiguity; failure; schizophrenia; indeterminacy; creativity; tolerance Analytical; statistical; measurement; objectivity; formalism Psychological; subjective; experiential; affects; emotions; behaviors; meaning
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