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Game development InfoShellGames

September 04, 2022

Game development InfoShellGames


September 04, 2022

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  2. About InfoShellGames Studio InfoShellGames is a team of experienced game

    industry professionals specializing in building a full cycle of gaming 2D and 3D products. We know how to make high-quality games. Our team can perform the full range of design work from creating a product concept to bringing it to the market and making a profit. We have a unique experience, a large database of technological developments, and our development methodology. It help you implement a complex high-quality game project in the optimal time frame. с с Our studio completed large orders in 2015-2016, like developmenting slots for Casino and VR space game The team was founded in early 2015 as a mobile and web-browser game development studio с The studio involved more than 20 highly qualified specialists in the work с We focus on developing: NFT GAME, BLOCKCHAIN GAME, METAVERSE and Casino Game and mobile games
  3. Idea Analytics & concept Game design Development Testing Launch Promotion

  4. Crypto Casino Crypto Casino is a platform, where people can

    play online games such as slot machine, blackjack, roulette, video poker and others. Games results are guaranteed to be absolutely random by using provably fair technology (based on strong cryptographic algorithms). Technology Stack: HTML5, PHP Laravel
  5. Games for Casino We have developed a set of casino

    games that have their own mathematics and adaptive interface. When you open the game page the server generates a secret and a seed and reveals its hash (using HMAC SHA256 algorithm). The server secret represents random roulette position (from 0 to 36). The server seed is a cryptographically secure random alpha-numeric string. The hash of these 2 strings helps to ensure that the initial roulette position is not altered after you make a bet. After the game is finished the server secret and the server seed are revealed, so you can easily calculate and verify the hash.
  6. Street Challenge Street Challenge is a game at the intersection

    of 2 genres "runner" and "racing" for mobile devices. Beautiful graphics, good gameplay, many improvements and unexpected situations: police chase, helicopter appearances, car transformation and more. All this captures the attention of the player and causes positive emotions. The goal is to overtake other cars, avoid obstacles and catch accelerations in order to reach the checkpoint in time. In the game, you can purchase more than 40 types of cars and their improvements for game or real currency. iOS & Android Mobile platforms
  7. Breakfast Cooking Breakfast cooking is a time management game in

    which the user plays as a burger chef. There are 3 game modes: 1. Career: more than 180 levels within 3 burger restaurants. From level to level, new ingredients are unlocked and tasks become more and more difficult. 2. Time is money: follow the burger recipe and cook as many as you can to win coins and bonuses. After the order is completed, +2 seconds are added. If you do not according to the recipe, then you lose time and approach the end of the game. 3. Best chef: create your own burger and compete with other chefs for a big super prize or just for coins. iOS & Android Mobile platforms
  8. Fruit Hamsters Welcome to the fruit farm to visit the

    main character Hamster "Dondi". Together with him, we will collect fruits and vegetables in baskets at 123 levels, as well as perform various tasks. During the harvest, we need to help Dondi fight wild vines, poisonous spiders, tornadoes and insects. Fruit Hamsterts is a match 3 game with beautiful cartoonish graphics. iOS & Android Mobile platforms
  9. Fruit Shake Come join us to travel with Sandy and

    her friends to bizarre lands and give customers juice to drink! Unusual characters, a richly detailed world and addictive gameplay. Fruit Shake is a good match-3 counterpart to Candy Crush Saga where you have to match colored fruits in a row. In each level of Fruit Shake, you will have to put together a certain number of elements in a limited number of moves. Of course, the faster you complete the task, the more points you earn. You can also get more points or get a special fruit if you match more than three of the same fruit. The big advantage of Fruit Shake is bright colorful graphics and nice gameplay. iOS & Android Mobile platforms
  10. Zombie Rising Save the city from ferocious zombies, clean it

    up and don't let them pass the fiery frontier of your special forces squad. Before the battle, prepare your team in a special laboratory: improve the characteristics of soldiers, take special weapons with you into battle (air bombs, freezing mixtures and mines) and study the enemy. Use various combat tactics and don't give in to fear when a myriad of zombies attack you. We trust your squad will be up to the task. The Zombie Rising game is made in the Tower Defense genre and is somewhat similar in mechanics to the famous Plants vs. Zombies:” iOS & Android Mobile platforms
  11. Egyptian Slot Travel back to Ancient Egypt in this breathtaking

    slot game. Seek advice from Cleopatra and the god of sun p Ra, about the hidden treasures buried beneath the pyramids. Who knows, you might even end up finding the mysterious Scarab! We’ve done: Front-end development, back office solution. Artwork & animation, mathematics, UX&UI
  12. Dash Cube 2D platformer with polished mechanics and dynamic gameplay.

    The game has 5 locations with many levels and unique characters for each. iOS & Android Mobile platforms
  13. Gems Land Puzzle game with classic match-3 mechanics. The interest

    of the user is supported by an exciting northern story about the mysterious disappearance of precious stones. Over the course of 50 levels, the player moves towards unraveling and gets to know the beautifully rendered heroes of the World of Crystals. iOS & Android Mobile platforms
  14. Ranger vs Zombies Runner in the wild west setting: the

    user collects coins and strives to survive as long as possible in the zombie apocalypse. Technology Stack: HTML5
  15. Mad Shark Technology Stack: HTML5

  16. Fruit Slasher Technology Stack: HTML5

  17. Contacts +17867961377 Florida E-mail: order@infoshellgames.com USA, Fort Lauderdale: 1931 Cordova

    Rd PMB 3036, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Web-site: infoshellgames.com Armenia, Yerevan: 74a Nairi Zaryan St, Yerevan 0051