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Roberto Serra - What dynamical models can do

Roberto Serra - What dynamical models can do

I wish to comment on the role of mathematical and computational models in the ambitious task of the Insite project, i.e. that of trying to understand some possible features of a socially sustainable future.
My key argument is that these models can be helpful and effective if they give us insights into the key processes that might be involved. Models might also raise, and actually have raised the hope to be able to predict the outcome of our actions. However, as discussed by David Lane in his introduction to this workshop, reliable prediction can be achieved only in a limited number of cases, and not in the kind of problem we are trying to address.


Insite Project

October 21, 2012


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  2. Mathematical and computational models!

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  4. PV=NkT

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  6. Small influence Large influence Impossible to find out without models!

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