The Ada Lovelace Academy Proposal

The Ada Lovelace Academy Proposal

A short deck setting out the vision for The Ada Lovelace Academy



April 03, 2014


  1. Benjamin Southworth - @inthecompanyof - The Ada Lovelace Academy

  2. The Ada Lovelace Academy World Changing Students for a Changing

    World Benjamin Southworth - @inthecompanyof -
  3. The Ada Lovelace Academy Benjamin Southworth - @inthecompanyof - A

    free-school for 16-19 year olds Based in East-London 30 pupils per year 1:10 Teacher Pupil Ratio The Harkness Model Teaching System Project Led Learning Embedded within its own mentor co-working space Healthy Breakfasts and Food
  4. Benjamin Southworth - @inthecompanyof - What if you want to

    start a business? Or learn digital skills? Where can you go?
  5. Benjamin Southworth - @inthecompanyof - Equipping young people with the

    skills to succeed •Digital Communication Skills •Graphic Design •Web Development •Business Frameworks •Project Management •Public Speaking •Critical Thinking •Collaboration Techniques •Creativity •Financial Management •Personal Development Proposed syllabus - subject to change
  6. Benjamin Southworth - @inthecompanyof - Digital Communication Skills •Blogging •Copywriting

    •Social media •Photography •Videography •Email Marketing •Wordpress/Ghost •HTML, CSS & JS Proposed syllabus - subject to change
  7. Benjamin Southworth - @inthecompanyof - Graphic Design •Photoshop •Illustrator •Drawing

    Techniques •3D Modelling •Typography •User Interface & Experience •History of Graphic Design •Animation •Presentations Design •Colour theory Proposed syllabus - subject to change
  8. Benjamin Southworth - @inthecompanyof - Web Development & Programming •HTML

    •CSS •Wordpress •Server Administration •Javascript •Introduction to Ruby •Introduction to R Proposed syllabus - subject to change
  9. Benjamin Southworth - @inthecompanyof - Business Frameworks •Business Fundamentals •Lean

    Startup Philosophy •Business Model Canvas •Case Studies Proposed syllabus - subject to change
  10. Core Philosophy Open Source - All resources should be freely

    available to all Discussion Led - The teachers are facilitators for the pupils learning pathway Thoughtful - We aim to nurture thoughtful, responsible young people aware of their role within society. Accurate - We will create an environment that is representative of a real-world work environment.
  11. Mission Statement “ To create a world leading educational facility

    that creates the next generation of entrepreneurs...”
  12. How can you help? Commercial Sponsorship - we are looking

    for partners who can provide financial resource to assist with our application. Property - The Ada Lovelace Academy needs a home. If you know of a suitable property for 60 students and 10 staff, and can be used as D1 space. Governors - We are looking for 10-12 Governors to help us realise our dream. Teachers - We are looking around 6 teachers to facilitate, we will be using the Harkness method, so an interest or experience with this model would be useful. Training will be provided. Mentors - We want every pupil to have access to an experienced professional who can help guide them through the early stage of their career. Technical Experts - We are looking for industry professionals who want to give something back by teaching a module, or even just a small part of a module. If you can help, please email: