How you can build a robot Dr. Strangelove would approve

F523e34fa4c90dc752fc5ae76e4c9893?s=47 Tomas Jukin
September 20, 2019

How you can build a robot Dr. Strangelove would approve

In 2019, nearly every citizen can be a maker! As airships, airplanes and nukes were great inventions of 70’s, applied robotics are the topic you should worry today! Join Thomas, my apprentice, on this wonderful journey of exploration. You will find out what great tools you can use today. How PID controllers, Arduino, Teensy and ROS can be used together to build a robot. You will see which open hardware device should be used as a brain and which one as a heart. You will learn how to let robot sense the world around it and how to let it think! You will explore the possibilities of modern robotics and AI. Remember: The whole point of the doomsday machine is lost...if you keep it a secret!

Slides from my talk which took a place at the WebExpo Prague 2019 conference at 20. 9. 2019.


Tomas Jukin

September 20, 2019