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Blogs as Your Arsenal In Creating a Better Brand (Retired)

Blogs as Your Arsenal In Creating a Better Brand (Retired)

Using blogs as a primary promotional "weapon" in promoting a new brand / business, with emphasis on the 3 most important things to keep in mind: having an opinion, commiting to a blog and being a blogger first, brand second. Presented at the BlogOpen conference (October 15th)


Ivan Brezak Brkan

October 15, 2011


  1. Blogs as your arsenal in creating a better brand

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  6. .Me, Microsoft, Vichy, Kolektiva, Bonbon...

  7. So you have a business

  8. ...but it’s not working out :(

  9. You have few options

  10. You can quit, but...

  11. You start a blog

  12. • Write about your product • Prepare tutorials • Blog

  13. Sales = 0

  14. What can you do?

  15. 1. You’re going to have an opinion

  16. How many blogs do you follow daily?

  17. Most personal blogs are sh*t

  18. They don’t have an opinion

  19. I didn’t have one. I had (holy) facts.

  20. Objectivity?

  21. Good bloggers have an opinion.

  22. Companies/brands don’t?!

  23. They have “egos”.

  24. Customers = 100%?

  25. Good ones have opinions.

  26. Why?

  27. People decide based on benefits, not features

  28. iPhone vs. Android

  29. Windows Phone 7?

  30. They make you choose.

  31. What can you do with an opinion, you ask?

  32. 2. Know what you want and commit, damn it!

  33. Personal bloggers blog because of...

  34. Companies/brands want to make money/meaning.

  35. I can haz sales?!

  36. You haz to blog, mkay?!

  37. Most bloggers don’t have take the time to blog

  38. Do we have time?

  39. What would Stephen King tell you?

  40. Blog regularly! Blog more!

  41. Blogging is a craft, not art.

  42. Plan = Editorial calendar

  43. Days, Weeks, Topics...

  44. WordPress? WP Calendar.

  45. So you publish... and nothing :(

  46. Don’t click publish yet!

  47. Remember? Time!

  48. “Flirt” with your post

  49. The post

  50. The title

  51. The title

  52. The title

  53. The tweet promotion

  54. ...so what happens?

  55. You get read :)

  56. None
  57. “Yeah, but I’m still a brand?”

  58. Work or blog?

  59. 3. Blogger first, brand second

  60. You always have an opinion

  61. Get a blogger, then.

  62. Organisation is not the problem, seriously

  63. You read novels, not FAQ

  64. You are the media

  65. Blogs create audiences

  66. Audiences create customers

  67. Old plan

  68. • Write about your product • Prepare tutorials • Blog

  69. Your plan

  70. • Write about your product (and more) • Prepare (not

    just) tutorials • Blog often twice, etc. • Have an opinion • Think more about the title • Re-read article before publishing
  71. Welcome, Mr./Ms. CBO

  72. Final Thoughts

  73. If my doctor told me I had only six minutes

    to live, I wouldn't brood. I'd type a little faster. - Isaac Asimov
  74. Thanks! Ivan Brezak Brkan @ivanbrezakbrkan www.netokracija.com