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Employer Branding: How to Win the War for Digital Talent

Employer Branding: How to Win the War for Digital Talent

If you want to hire the very best developers and designers, posting on LinkedIn and sponsoring events won't work. You need to embrace and contribute to digital communities, especially by creating interesting content. How to create an even better employer brand and attract the best talent? Adaptive content and community building!


Ivan Brezak Brkan

May 23, 2019


  1. Adriatic Innovation Island: The Post-War For Digital Talent (And What

    You Can Do About It) ⚔ "
  2. FYI • Ivan Brezak Brkan a.k.a. IBB • Founder and

    editor of Netokracija.com, “The Techcrunch of Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia”, have been writing about tech, startups and digital communities for 10 years. • Founder of Digitalna karijera initiative to promote non-ICT digital talent in Croaia • Employer branding and social media consultant for clients such as Raiffeisen bank, A1, mStart, etc.
  3. ⚔ War on (Tech) Talent

  4. None
  5. I’ve been talking with students about tech employers and you

    know what they said…
  6. ”Google benefits” are getting old…

  7. Even “cool” tech companies are adapting…

  8. You know what isn’t cool anymore? Even electric cars…

  9. Sillicon Valley isn’t as sexy - and for you -

    that’s good
  10. 1. Developers and designers hate work

  11. 2. STEM education is helping, but not nearly enough…

  12. 3. We’re not training non-ICT digital talent that we’ll need

  13. 4. ‘Owned content’ isn’t going to cut it!

  14. ! What can we do about it?

  15. 1. Employer branding can be faked

  16. 2. A matter of (algorithmic) reach

  17. 3. Geeks trust geeks trust their community

  18. How to Differentiate After the War for Talent (and Recruit)?

  19. None
  20. None
  21. ! Leading By (Digital) Example

  22. You cannot delegate influence (believe me, I tried)

  23. None
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  25. The Post-War Strategy? Adoptive Content & Community Building

  26. 1. Part of the community, not just the sponsor

  27. 2. A Digital content model for your influencers (including executives)

  28. 3. Marketing and HR with a geek powerup

  29. 3.1 Marketing-HR-IT collaboration model

  30. Strategic goal if you want to win! • Combine marketing,

    HR and well… geek for maximum results! • Focus on paid, shared and earned media, not just owned media • Be the champion of your digital community that nobody wants to be
  31. Thanks, any questions? …also, you can: • Email me ivan@netokracija.com

    • Follow me at @ivanbrezakbrkan • Connect with me at linkedin.com/in/ivanbrezakbrkan