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WordCamp Miami: Tips for Better Website Conversion - Jackie Jimenez

WordCamp Miami: Tips for Better Website Conversion - Jackie Jimenez

In this talk, those attending will learn:

-Content Marketing Strategy for WordPress
-Top Plugins to use for Social Sharing
-Blog Writing Strategy for Creating a Loyal Community
-Top Plugins to Use for Call to Actions
-Typical User Interaction on WordPress Sites: How to Set up Your Site to Convert
-How to Manage Your Site Better with ManageWP
-Top Blog Commenting Plugins to Use

About the Speaker:

Jackie Jimenez is an ambitious and Innovative Marketing Consultant, focusing on the big picture with integrated marketing communications. She co-organizes the WordPress South Florida group and WordCamp Miami 2013, staying in-the-know and ahead of the game. Some clients that she’s worked with are University of Central Florida, Marriott Vacation Club, and world-renowned hairstylist Peter Coppola. She often speaks about Social Media and Internet Marketing at conferences. Connect @jackiej04 @InnovateWP



Jacqueline Jimenez

May 11, 2014


  1. Tips for Better Website Conversion #WCMIA @jackiej04

  2. Your Hostess Jackie Jimenez

  3. • WordPress Training Program - LiveNinja Partner • #WPMIA Co-Organizer

    • WordCamp Miami, Orlando & Raleigh Speaker • Provides Integrated Marketing Services • Runs on Dunkin’, Music & Dark Chocolate Jackie Jimenez Marketing Strategist About Me… Founder - The Innovative Consultant / Innovate WP
  4. STATISTIC LIFE Let’s Get It Started!

  5. #WCMIA Tips for Better Website Conversion Increase Visits Lower Bounce

    Rate Click to Call Learn More Buy Now
  6. Content Marketing Strategy Top Plugins to Use Set Up Your

    Site to Convert 1 2 3 #WCMIA What You Will Learn

  8. Starting from the Basics Hosting, starting with a wireframe and

    implementing the right theme correctly.
  9. Have One of These

  10. Should I Use a Carousel?

  11. Should I Use a Carousel?

  12. Should I Use a Slider?


  14. What About Parallax? Tread Carefully and Test Browsers!

  15. What About Parallax? Flat Images Over Sliders, Parallax can be

    pretty and effective if done well
  16. My name is Kiiid...KID ROCK!


  18. Conversion Rate Optimization The Good Stuff. Testing with Optimizely

  19. Circle Stats Two Some text of chart A/B Testing Example

  20. Pay Attention to Your Website Statistics Funnels Help You Notice

    What’s Working and Converting
  21. #WCMIA Pay Attention to Your Website Statistics Helps with advertising.

    Also CRO. country 235 country 135 country 85 country 65 country 65 country 65 country 135 country 235 country 65 country 65
  22. Hosting: Please do consider quality over quantity. Cheap isn’t always

  23. Hold My Hand

  24. #WCMIA What is a Call to Action? Sign Up Form

    Gravity Forms MailChimp Email Sign Up Follow on Social Media Acurex Social Icons JetPack Learn More Goes to a dedicated “services” or locations page for user to take action: email for consultation, click to call
  25. 25% 15% #WCMIA Social Proof The proof will be in

    the pudding - your site statistics. Also, experimentation. 100% 25% 20% 15%
  26. #WCMIA Start Blogging and Give Opportunities to Share

  27. Ethos, Logos and Pathos - Reactions to Blogs

  28. I Swear By Plugins

  29. Be Choosy and Wise It’s the plugin bloat that can

    affect speed. Manage WP Social Media Security

  31. None
  32. Building a Community • Search Engine Optimization • Social Media

    Engagement • Guest Blog Writing • Email Marketing
  33. Building a Community through email


  35. Developing an Integrated Marketing Strategy Online 1 2 3

  36. The Perfect Scenario

  37. Resources:

  38. Advanced Resources: Conversion Rate Optimization

  39. I Got Answers!

  40. THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING #WCMIA @Jackiej04 @InnovateWP - Sign Up

    Webinars JackieOnLinkedIn@Gmail.com TheInnovativeConsultant.com