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WordCamp Miami: Beginners Workshop March 23 - Top Plugins for Your Website

WordCamp Miami: Beginners Workshop March 23 - Top Plugins for Your Website


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Jacqueline Jimenez is an ambitious and innovative marketer, focusing on the big picture with integrated marketing communications. She co-organizes the WordPress South Florida group, often staying in-the-know of WordPress Web Development. She often speaks about social media and marketing strategy at conferences and events. Her vision is unparalleled and her execution of creative ideas is what sets her apart.



WordCamp Miami 2013 is a three-day event that covers topics relating to WordPress, front-end development, and much more. 2012 brought more than 400 students, bloggers, and coders together for two days of education and fun. Expect big things for the 4th Annual WordCamp in Miami for 2013.


Jacqueline Jimenez

March 23, 2013


  1. Top WordPress Plugins for Newbies WordCamp Miami Beginners Workshop By:

    Jacqueline Jimenez @jackiej04
  2. Boca Raton SEO About Me: Jacqueline Jimenez !   Marketing

    Director at AlcantaraMedia: Strategy for Integrated Marketing Campaigns !   WordPress.com avid blogger since 2008 - jackiej04 !   Self-hosted website since 2010 – http://theinnovativeconsultant.com !   All-around happy to organize #WPMIA
  3. Boca Raton SEO 5 Plugin Criteria for Setting Your Site

    up Right !   Structure & Backup !   Security !   Social Media Sharing & Blog Commenting !   SEO – Search Engine Optimization !   Call to Action / Contact
  4. Boca Raton SEO Structure & Backup Plugins

  5. Boca Raton SEO Structure & Backup Plugin: ManageWP !  

    Create daily, weekly & monthly backups to Server, Dropbox or Google Drive !   Monitor website performance !   Update plugins on multiple websites in one click! !   Clear post revisions that slow down the site !   Mobile App (makes you & I happy)
  6. Boca Raton SEO Backup Plugin: Backup Buddy !   Send

    your backups wherever you want! !   Set it on re-occurring backups !   Restore your site !   Use for server or domain migrations !   Easy to set up
  7. Boca Raton SEO Backup Plugin: WordPress Backup to Dropbox !

      Easy to use, integrate with Dropbox through OAuth, protects your account !   Choose how often to backup your site !   Set which files upload and to what Dropbox folder
  8. Boca Raton SEO Structure Plugin: W3 Total Cache On Website

    Conversion, Performance is Key.
  9. Boca Raton SEO Brief Overview: W3 Total Cache !  

    Speed up your website’s load time !   Multiple plugins, high quality images & video can slow down a website !   Solution: cleans up the framework within your site !   Improves user experience overall = less bounce rate!
  10. Boca Raton SEO Security Plugins

  11. Boca Raton SEO Security Plugin: Better WP Security !  

    Easy to install, start protecting in seconds(free) !   Change the URLs for WordPress dashboard including login, admin and more !   Rename “admin” account – protect your site’s login
  12. Boca Raton SEO Security Plugin: Sucuri !   Ultimate plugin

    for website monitoring, alerting and malware removal !   Integrated within ManageWP! !   Paid Plugin, suggested for websites with heavy customization and high traffic
  13. Boca Raton SEO Security Plugin: Akismet !   Free for

    personal use, a bargain for your business !   Integrate WordPress.com key or create new account !   Protect from spam blog comments !   Prevent spammers from bringing down site’s PageRank
  14. Boca Raton SEO Social Media Sharing Plugins Good for SEO,

    even better for community engagement.
  15. Boca Raton SEO Shareaholic Plugin !   Clean integration into

    themes !   Social Media Stats on social bookmarks !   You May Also Like: cross promote posts
  16. Boca Raton SEO Shareaholic Plugin !  Sexy Bookmarks & Customization

  17. Boca Raton SEO Shareaholic Plugin !  Top Bar – Has

    Call to Action !  Tread Carefully
  18. Boca Raton SEO Shareaholic Plugin: Recommendations Drive more page views!

  19. Boca Raton SEO Social Media Sharing: ShareThis Plugin Access to

    120 Social Channels!
  20. Boca Raton SEO ShareThis Plugin !   Share Analytics !

      Customize !   Sidebar with counters !   Below posts !   Hover bar
  21. Boca Raton SEO Share to Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn with Twitterfeed.com To avoid

    Plugin bloat…
  22. Boca Raton SEO Blog Commenting Plugins

  23. Boca Raton SEO Comments are Queen! !   In SEO

    content may be king, but social media and comments are queen! !   Options depend on goals within the site !   IntenseDebate: good for hot topic posts !   Disqus is best for SEO !   LiveFyre has easy integration into sites
  24. Boca Raton SEO SEO Ultimate Plugin: Yoast All encompassing, fairly

    easy to use.
  25. Boca Raton SEO WordPress SEO by Yoast !   It

    makes on-page optimization easier !   Customize per page: title tags and meta description !   Create XML Sitemap !   Overall, Best SEO Plugin!
  26. Boca Raton SEO WordPress SEO by Yoast !   Eight

    Sections !   Post/Page Optimization !   Edit Permalinks
  27. Boca Raton SEO Call to Action / Contact Plugins If

    you build a website, people *might* come. It’s not Field of Dreams. Define your Call to Action.
  28. Boca Raton SEO Email Marketing: MailChimp Lil’ Tidbit: 35% of

    email recipients open email based on the subject line alone
  29. Boca Raton SEO Email Marketing: MailChimp !   Integrate sign

    up form on sidebar !   Best email marketing software (in my opinion based on price and analytics) !   Integrate quickly and easily
  30. Boca Raton SEO Questions / Comments !   Tip: Try

    not to bloat your site with too many plugins, be wise and choosy! ! Jackie@AlcantaraMedia.com !   Twitter - @jackiej04 and @alcantaramedia