The Resurgence of SQL (Droidcon NYC 2017)

E68309f117985270285ade8082f4877d?s=47 Jake Wharton
September 25, 2017

The Resurgence of SQL (Droidcon NYC 2017)

SQL may have fallen out of fashion over the last decade, but libraries like SQL Delight and Room are now placing it at the forefront of their use. As a language, SQL is more declarative and expressive than any ORM could hope to be. With the support of strong tooling, database interactions not only become easier but you're able to leverage more of its power. This talk will be a re-introduction to the SQL language for those that have seen it before. We will focus on specific examples where you can offload work that would have otherwise been done in code into the database. Finally, we'll compare and contrast the SQL Delight and Room libraries.



Jake Wharton

September 25, 2017