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Engineering for Exponential Growth with Jamf Pro

October 25, 2018

Engineering for Exponential Growth with Jamf Pro

Presentation from JNUC 2018, the world's largest rally of Apple IT administrators.

Engineering for Exponential Growth with Jamf Pro

Presented by:
Christian Medina

View all session slides, recordings and more at https://www.jamf.com/events/jamf-nation-user-conference/2018/.


October 25, 2018

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  1. © JAMF Software, LLC Engineering for Exponential Growth with Jamf

    Pro Presentation agenda: Challenges Engineering our infrastructure Re-enrolling the fleet Our environment today
  2. © JAMF Software, LLC Challenges • Manual Mac & iPad

    configuration • Jamf Pro Server performance issues • No public access • FileVault in multi-user environment Inherited Jamf Pro Server posed the following problems:
  3. © JAMF Software, LLC Rebuilding our infrastructure • Robust, scalable

    infrastructure • Public access • DEP/Jamf for zero-touch deployment • Reliable Self Service Goals
  4. © JAMF Software, LLC Infrastructure • EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud):

    Jamf Pro Server • ELB (Elastic Load Balancing) • RDS (Relational Database Service) • S3 bucket: distribution point Amazon Web Services
  5. © JAMF Software, LLC Jamf Pro Servers (Private & Public)

    • Jamf Pro Server and required components • Clustered environment • Limited access to public server • AWS Route 53 for DNS EC2 + ELB
  6. © JAMF Software, LLC Jamf Pro Database • Migrate database

    • Edit settings for new server • Edit configuration for scaling Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service)
  7. © JAMF Software, LLC Jamf Pro Distribution Point • Previously

    used JDS on on-prem Mac mini • Publicly accessible S3 bucket • No effect on internal network Amazon S3 Bucket
  8. © JAMF Software, LLC New Jamf Pro Server Configuration •

    Retail Macs • Retail iPads • Retail iPhones • Retail music iPods DEP MDM Servers & PreStage enrollment:
  9. © JAMF Software, LLC New Jamf Pro Server Configuration •

    Period of two production instances • Server tokens unique to server • New VPP tokens for new server Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)
  10. © JAMF Software, LLC Scaling for growth • Inventory updates

    only when necessary • Allocated more memory to Tomcat • Edited required config files • Two memcached servers Best practices and recommended configuration
  11. © JAMF Software, LLC Re-enrolling the fleet • 943 iOS

    devices & 196 Macs • Scheduling for 63 stores • Documentation • Method Challenges
  12. © JAMF Software, LLC Re-enrolling the fleet • Two Self

    Service policies for more control • User-initiated enrollment for non- DEP devices
  13. © JAMF Software, LLC Re-enrolling the fleet • First policy:

    sudo rm -rf /var/db/ConfigurationProfiles/ • Second policy: QuickAdd package created using Recon Self Service Policies
  14. © JAMF Software, LLC Zero-touch deployment • Device Enrollment Program

    • NoMAD & NoLoAD • FileVault challenges • Self Service Shipping devices directly to retail locations
  15. © JAMF Software, LLC Device Enrollment Program Easy setup for

    end- users, enabling devices (macOS & iOS) to be shipped directly to retail locations.
  16. © JAMF Software, LLC Enrollment Policies Simple script run at

    enrollment to call policies in specific order. More granular control over order of events at enrollment.
  17. © JAMF Software, LLC NoMAD • Sync AD password to

    local account without binding • Keeps user’s local keychain and FV2 passwords in sync
  18. © JAMF Software, LLC NoLoAD (NoMADLogin-AD) • Customized login window

    • AD login and just- in-time provisioning • Enable FileVault upon sign-in
  19. © JAMF Software, LLC Self Service • Create policies by

    analyzing ticket trends • Building a culture of Self Service through user education