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Make yourself reader of help

E86b46be0f4e61db6b28becc5493bbab?s=47 januswel
November 22, 2015

Make yourself reader of help

2015/11/21 vimconf 2015
「ヘルプを読む」 in Japanese



November 22, 2015


  1. make yourself reader of help 2015/11/21 by janus_wel

  2. who are you? janus_wel やぬす janus.wel.3@gmail.com https://github.com/januswel http://qiita.com/janus_wel https://twitter.com/janus_wel

  3. I've made some vim plugins

  4. visualiz.vim

  5. zoomfont.vim

  6. you can find these at https://github.com/januswel

  7. did you read help once or twice ? moderately ?

    hard ?
  8. learning curve http://www.manuelmagic.me/geek/texteditors/

  9. !? but we can find some steps novice apprentice expert

  10. for novice forget about help and type in your term

    $ v i m t u t o r
  11. for apprentice just type in your vim : h e

    l p and read from beginning to "Getting Started"
  12. for expert just read your interesting {subject} : h e

    l p { s u b j e c t } and CTRL-] on words that you don't know to jump
  13. for master keep going your way!!

  14. some tips 'helplang' :tab help CTRL-] tag stack :helpgrep

  15. 'helplang' change language to show to use Japanese, in your

    .vimrc s e t h e l p l a n g = j a
  16. :tab help show help in new tab to focus reading

    : t a b h e l p { s u b j e c t }
  17. CTRL-] when you find colored word, hit CTRL-] on the

    word to jump
  18. CTRL-T to back previous page, hit CTRL-T read :help tag-stack

    for more information
  19. :helpgrep to search help with your interesting word, use :helpgrep

    and :cwindow settings to show quickfix window automatically a u g r o u p q u i c k f i x a u t o c m d Q u i c k F i x C m d P o s t h e l p g r e p c w i n d o w a u g r o u p E N D
  20. problem I don't know appropriate {subject} ...

  21. reverse lookup !!

  22. rlhelp.vim https://github.com/januswel/rrhelp.vim for now, only Japanese support I will support

    i18n ... ? send me pull requests to improve index !!