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マルチプラットフォーム時代の JavaScript x React 戦略

マルチプラットフォーム時代の JavaScript x React 戦略

react-native meetup #2


June 10, 2016

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  1. https://code.facebook.com/posts/1014532261909640/react-native- bringing-modern-web-techniques-to-mobile/ It's worth noting that we're not chasing “write

    once, run anywhere.” Different platforms have different looks, feels, and capabilities, and as such, we should still be developing discrete apps for each platform, but the same set of engineers should be able to build applications for whatever platform they choose, without needing to learn a fundamentally different set of technologies for each. We call this approach “learn once, write anywhere.”
  2. • Place the project’s primary focus on the core domain

    and domain logic • Base complex designs on a model • Initiate a creative collaboration between technical and domain experts to iteratively cut ever closer to the conceptual heart of the problem. http://dddcommunity.org/learning-ddd/what_is_ddd/
  3. ෺ཧ഑ஔͷҰྫ  $ " % & ' ( ) *

    + Web ΞϓϦ഑৴ σʔλڞ༗ σʔλӬଓԽ
  4. DDD Ͱͷ࣮ߦ଎౓͸? • ૚Λ෼͚͍ͯΔͷͰग़Δ͸͕ͣͳ͍ • ଎౓͕ඞཁͳΒϞϊϦγοΫʹ࡞Δ΂ ͖ • ͱ͸͍͑ msec

    ୯ҐͰͷ൓Ԡ଎౓͕ཁ ٻ͞ΕΔ৔໘Ͱͳ͚Ε͹໰୊ͳ͍ • ΠϯϑϥετϥΫνϟʔ૚ͷνϡʔ χϯάͰͳΜͱ͔ͳΔ