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CSE360 Lecture 29

CSE360 Lecture 29

Introduction to Software Engineering
Final Review


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  1. Javier Gonzalez-Sanchez | CSE360 | Summer 2018 | 6 Software

    Engineering Software Engineering definition activities requirements design implementation planning testing deployment types of process models Process models types of process models
  2. requirements definition characteristics traceable verifiable clear unambiguous type non-functional constraints

    quality functional services behaviors actions documentation SRS UML diagrams use cases state machine activity
  3. design definition documentation UML class diagrams Architecture diagram patterns design

    patterns observer singleton decorator architecture patterns blackboard Layered MVC Client/Server
  4. planning estimation outputs cost (person / month) time (months) models

    empirical algorithmic inputs (COCOMO model) scale factors cost factors personnel platform project product
  5. implementation metrics size LOC eLOC lLOC complexity cyclomatic complexity interface

    complexity parameters return points understandability %comments %white spaces
  6. testing White Box (Verification) Unit Testing Integration Testing System Testing

    Black Box (Validation) Scenario-based testing Model-based testing
  7. CSE360 – Introduction to Software Engineering Javier G onzalez-Sanchez javiergs@

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