Plays Well With Others: How to Stop Being a Jerk Today

Plays Well With Others: How to Stop Being a Jerk Today

Society acts as though jerks are incapable of changing their bad behavior, as though somebody called .freeze on them. We devise all kinds of strategies for avoiding or placating them, even at the expense of others' happiness.

What if it didn't have to be that way?

This talk approaches jerks as the mutable objects all people are. If you think you might be a jerk, or if you're looking for a new approach to the jerks in your life, this talk is for you! It covers what makes a jerk and what the positive alternative looks like. You'll learn a framework for defusing negative urges, holding yourself accountable, and transforming your behavior in a variety of situations, such as meetings, disagreements, or when things go wrong.

Presented at RailsConf 2019.


Jesse Belanger

April 30, 2019