Introducing Akka

E0b5787d1a1935a2800e0bbffc81c196?s=47 Jonas Bonér
September 14, 2012

Introducing Akka

We believe that one should never have to choose between productivity
and scalability, which has been the case with traditional approaches
to concurrency and distribution. The cause of that has been the wrong
tools and the wrong layer of abstraction and Akka is here to change
that. Akka is a unified runtime and programming model for scaling both
UP (utilizing multi-core processors) and OUT (utilizing the
grid/cloud). With Akka this will be taken to a whole new level with
its “Distributed by Design”. Akka provides location transparency by
abstracting away both these tangents of scalability by turning them
into an operations and configuration task. This gives the Akka runtime
freedom to do adaptive automatic load-balancing, cluster rebalancing,
replication and partitioning. Akka is available at []
(under Apache 2 license).


Jonas Bonér

September 14, 2012