Testing in Swift

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March 19, 2015

Testing in Swift

Slides for "Testing in Swift" Talk.


Software tests are great for verifying behavior of your software and improving code quality. Jeff will talk about the Swift testing landscape. Learn about tooling and techniques to writing tested code in Swift. We’ll use the Quick testing library to as a basis for discussing good testing practices and common challenges of testing on iOS.

We’ll also explore generative testing, a prevalent functional programming approach to testing and it’s non-functional application.

About Jeff Hui:

Jeff Hui is an iOS software engineer at Pivotal Labs by day. At night, he hacks on open source projects. He’s a core team member of the Cedar and Quick. Besides that, he is the creator of Nimble, Cedar Xcode Plugin, and Fox.

You can find him at jeffhui.net or @jeffhui.



March 19, 2015