Devops for PHP Developers

A1de24f8a9fe6742162f298032b56922?s=47 Jeremy Quinton
September 29, 2017

Devops for PHP Developers

To paraphrase a quote from “Back then we didn't know we were going to change the IT industry. Devops has gone from an underground, to a wide mainstream industry adopted idea.” Devops is a term many PHP Developers will have heard but its not always clearly understood and often misinterpreted. In an industry that changes so rapidly it's important for developers to grasp and understand the core concepts of what Devops is about so that you can take your organisation or development team forward. My talk will dispel some myths, cover fundamental ideas,concepts and tools you can embrace mainly from a developers perspective. The main goal is to educate PHP Developers around exactly what Devops is and what benefits it brings to Development teams. I will break down the four main pillars of Devops and explain the core concepts within each of these over arching pillars.


Jeremy Quinton

September 29, 2017